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RTDMIX003: Patrice McBride

Image via Jeff Stewart
With fall in the air, it's imperative that you have the right selection. Luckily, my homey Patrice McBride is here to solve whatever soundtrack issues you might have.

I've known Patrice for a bit now; the city of Trenton, NJ is so small, you're bound to run into the small number of people who rock with electronic music sooner or later. I just rarely run into drum & bass heads. Patrice has been in in the game for a while, first getting bit by the DJ bug back in middle school while living in Philly. As his skills progressed, he not only took on the mash-up game, but got some production credits under his belt, too. While he lives in Trenton, he thrives in the City of Brotherly Love, being named one of Philly's top DJs in October of 2015.

You can hear him mixing an array of styles, but it was at the Mujeres exhibit at Artworks Trenton a few weeks ago where I heard him sneak some dnb into the atmosphere. After a quick catch-up, he knocked out 52+ minutes of current liquid styles from this year, featuring music from Lynx, Zero T, Logistics, and a scorcher from that new Utah Jazz album. Throw this one into your earholes ASAP.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast.


01 Utah Jazz - Growth Comes
02 Bailey - Stargazing (feat. Tali)
03 Paul T & Edward Oberon - Stay Forever
04 Lynx - Girl Like U (feat. Singer J)
05 Break - Unification
06 Paul T & Edward Oberon - When I'm With You
07 Dramatic - So Crazy
08 Air.K & Cephei - Savannah
09 Zero T - Too Close to See (feat. Steo)
10 Gerra & Stone - Unbreakable (feat. Lucy Kitchen & Stephen McCleery) (Zero T Remix)
11 Submorphics - Maybe It’s Time (feat. Adrienne Richards)
12 North Base - Unexplained (feat. Charlotte Haining)
13 Logistics - Lost In U

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