big bushy sweater

i love you
place no one above you
wish i could devote more time to just kissing and hug you
snuggle with the best woman, my best friend
'til death do us part, living life from end to end
regret when i can't spend more time taking you in
loving to hear your laugh, dying to make you grin
making my head swim, your love is intoxicating
you're my one and only, and on that there's no debating
no hating on what you do, i married you for you
carried you through the dark and into the light, where our love is true
beside you i plan to spend all of eternity
or at least until we leave this earthly habitat and our souls will run free
come see me for me, my heart's your heart
our life's one life, 3 kids and a fresh start
hot like pop tarts
sweet like those icies coming off the spanish man's cart on hot days
love to spend more lazy days just being with you, i cannot say enough
i just want to touch
take in every breath and exhale all of the bad stuff
times get rough, but we still stick together
no stormy weather could sever this ark we're building
tougher than leather
you're warm like a big bushy sweater
my love's not pleather
it's true blue like those panties that i used to love on you
used to adore you from afar, than you chose me
and i began to see
emerged a man from my kid seat
still learning how to live life truly free of heartache and pain
daily scuffles don't ruffle our feathers, and we're never vain
i know that i'm truly blessed to have a you right beside me
keeping me in line all the time, and if you can't find me
just stick out your hand, i'll grab it On Demand
walk with you until we hit the white sand
life with you is an extended vacation in a beautiful land
my ace, my dime, my only companion
i regret nothing except not being able to give you more
you're giving me a son
i could at least give you a door...
car, house, new job, walk-in closet
i wish i could live life in rewind, never pause it
except to prolong the sweet song we make when we meet
i'm walking on air, clouds at my feet
and you're my angel, the only one i'm glad i did meet...

i love you, baby. from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. i love you more now than i did yesterday, and will love you more each day. this is it for me, without you, i'm 1/3 of the man i should be. you complete me.

what, you guys don't get mushy? you gotta show your lady you care about having her there...

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Anonymous said...

Wow this really roqs man, wish I had a love mate like that..hmm, think I do but she's away atm..