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Spec Boogie remakes an album!

In the never ending search for quality music, aka "finding that new shit", I got an e-mail (like many other bloggers did) from Loosie Music in reference to an MC named Spec Boogie. It is called On My Grind and has Spec (and friends, including Che Grand) spitting venom over the instrumentals to Pharrell's In My Mind. How'd he get those, you might ask? Well, neph was smart enough to BUY the album on iTunes --- Pharrell made those instrumentals included with that purchase... how ill is that?!

In any case, I
doubt many bloggers listened to it, doesn't seem like it anyways. Well, I can't let that shit ride.

To be honest, I had heard of Spec before, but never heard him flow before. He's a Brooklynite, so he is able to flip tales of crack sales as well as just kick ill verbal barbs with ease. The one thing I liked is the face that he didn't really double up his voice: he has a nice, deep voice, and his ad-libs are just that, ad-libs, not too much re-emphasis on certain words. The tracklisting might use the same titles, but the situations get flipped: "Show You How To Hustle" goes from Pharrell speakin' on situations he's heard to Spec really giving you some Clipse-esque darts (the line about "moving whites in ya hood like gentrification" is a personal favorite)... "Best Friend" went from a heartfelt ode to family and friends to an ode about custom kicks
that would make Dallas Penn proud. "Baby" started out as a seductive come-on track, and gets warped into a theme song for Maury's "Paternity Test" shows. There are some that seem to miss the mark... the first couple of tracks seem to kind of drag for me; this truly didn't pick up until "Best Friend", where Spec showed more of his skills. And his back and forth with Che Grand on "Keep It Playa" is dope, that's my pick for best track of the CD. Spec even goes straight off the dome at the end and let's you know that the true freestyle is NOT a lost art.

Does this CD succeed? Yes. Spec is on his grizzly, and letting this release do the talking. You get to see him go from Mr. Loverman to the block hugger to the everyman to the kick fiend to the straight up rhyme slayer. This really makes me want to get into his skull and find out more about him. And I will, in the very near future... check this shit out, and see for yourself.

Peep the tracklisting:

01 Got It Like That 2:03
02 How Does It Feel? 2:14
03 Raspy Shit 3:33
04 Best Friend 4:22
05 Number One (f. Von Pea) 2:54
06 Show You How To Hustle 3:34
07 Baby (f. DonWill) 2:12
08 Stay With Me (f. Elucid) 2:50
09 Take It Off 1:42
10 Keep It Playa (f. Che Grand) 4:02
11 I Really Like You 3:13
12 Young Girl (f. Takenya Quann) 3:09
13 You Can Do It Too (f. Cyren Young) 5:22

And you can get this FREE from these links: Sendspace, Rapidshare and Megaupload. Those are provided by Loosie... if you can't get with those, scream at me, I might be persuaded to up a yousendit link.

EDIT: I have uploaded this mixtape to mediafire. You're welcome.

Spec Boogie @ MySpace.
Lessondary Crew @ MySpace.

rock the dub interview with Spec Bezel comin' soon. Uno.


Stevio said...

I have only just found out about this mixtape (cause of some deal with digitalgravel.com)

Man, thanks for posting the link - the others were dead. Great start to the weekend!


khal said...

yeah i got a request a month or so ago for it. had to dig through my backups!

spec's show you how to hustle is my shit.