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"it's been too long, and i'm lost without you"

Do you remember where you were when you heard that Aaliyah died? I do...

I was in North Jersey, Woodbridge to be exact. I was helping get my friend Krissy's friend's attic set up. I was getting paid in free food, alchohol, and other stuff. It was a good time. Anyways, whilst working, we had Hot 97 on, and the news came... Aaliyah dies in a plane crash. Say wha!?!?! One of the true shining stars of our generation, gone in an instant? A girl who was so mysterious, so talented at both singing AND dancing (as well as a burgeoning acting career), just taken from us like that? I won't get into the fury I had over the now infamous "joke" that Star and that crew would make (plane sounds, other ignorant shit), but I had a hole in my heart from that.

The thing about Aaliyah is, she was just a genuine good soul. Her music was true, whether she was singing about heartache or just having a good time. I wish there was more I could do, but there isn't. I will just show my love and appreciation in a post like this... and share with the world my favorite Aaliyah tracks. Yes, most of these are singles, but those are the moments when she shined most.

I won't go into detail explaining what the deal is, track for track. If you are reading this post, damnit you know what the skill is. There's a few exclusives or never before heard (by many) mixes of the tracks, so those will be explained. Let's get it on!

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Anonymous said...

When my mother told me Aaliyah died i was comin' home from my fathers house and we was havin a real good day,no on e got yelled at no arguing nothin. I walked threw the door my mother was sittin on the couch in awe. She looked at me and said"Aaliyah died this morning. Her plane crashed after taking off." she was already watchin the news. That one thing ruined my entire day even if it was 6:30-7:00pm. When i sat down to see if it was true it had a pic of her smiling and underneath was "Aaliyah 1979-2001" I cried that night, the day they released "Miss you", whenthe video came out. I'll never forget that day.