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Rukus "Amnesia (Intro)"

Rukus "Amnesia (Intro)": Rukus has done done it; he's gone and leaked the intro to his recently released album, Can't Forget (which I STILL need to find the time to review - my bad, bro). And it's sick...

This may be a little untraditional, but I wanted to leak the intro of my CD ("Amnesia") out to the masses. For all the people that don't know who the heck Rukus is, what the new album "Can't Forget" is about, and just want to hear something different...I think they can get a taste of that with this leak. Its loud, different, and real. I'm tired of doing freestyles...I want people to hear songs, messages, and music with meaning...I feel like most artists are just rhyming words right now. But what are they trying to do...its more than music to me. My album is about not forgetting where you came from, where you're going and what you're trying to achieve. - RUKUS

Do you want more? Go grab the CD, NOW!

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