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T.I. Speaks On "S.L.U."

I, like many heads last night, got a copy of "S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us)", the enormous joint from T.I.'s forthcoming Paper Trail LP that features Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne. I even posted the joint up... for like 5 minutes. When the cat who sends me something gets a C&D, I tend to retreat. So you won't find the post/link on rock the dub... for now.

In any case, Tip is asking who leaked the track. And I can't blame him. But I haven't heard one blogger or fan who heard it and said it was some bullshit. Quite the contrary, everyone is loving how these 4 beast this epic track. None of us even have 1/16th of the paper these niggas have (well, I don't), but this is one of those joints, like Rick Ross' "Hustlin'", that you throw on and that immediate response is required. And 9 times out of 10, the response is "holy fucking shit this track is the truth". You throw it on, and you get to poke your chest out for 5+ minutes and feel like you too have so much money, your knots can't fit in tight pants.

Maybe I'm just getting a bit too poetic about the most recent ghetto anthem.

One thing I am NOT feeling is the idea that this joint will be featured on Paper Trail and Blueprint 3. Seriously, Jay, that's your fuck up. BP3 should be your return to form, not you slackin' and putting out tracks that will be released a few months before your next event album.

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