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Shunda K "Here I Am To Save The World (Scripts & Screwz Remix)"

Shunda K "Here I Am To Save The World (Scripts & Screwz Remix)": I fucked with Yo! Majesty. They got a good amount of press for being no-nonsense chicks who liked to fuck with all kinds of freaked-out beats. From what I've heard, Shunda K left b/c her tolerance for nonsense was so low, she left the crew over monetary issues. Whatever the case may be, she's promoting her The Most Wanted album, and the first maxi-single is for her "Here I Am To Save The World", which has her donning her cape and flying over a bevy of bombastic beats. When I got the disc in the mail, I was ecstatic b/c the SNS cats had contributed a remix that's funkier and zanier than the original! They let the kicks play the background and really push that thumping bass to the front, allowing Shunda's rapid-fire lyrics to be matched up with some Acid-lovin' synths and bleeps. Amazing. NME picked this track as one of the "10 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week", placing it at #2... only being beat out by Kanye West.

The Here I Am Maxi-single is out on July 27th.

Bonus Beats Shunda K "Here I Am To Save The World (Nite Club Remix)"

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