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Boom Blake & Genrokka ft. AP The Mayor "Black Woman"

Boom Blake & Genrokka ft. AP The Mayor "Black Woman": Blake hit me up on the BBM while they were making this and told me that he had something special on the way - this totally lived up to it. "Black Woman" is just that - it's an ode to those women who were strong enough to do it on their own - raising a family on next to nothing, struggling to survive and teaching their kids the way. This is the kind of message we grew up on in the late '80s Hip-Hop, but sentiments like this don't scream out anymore. This is taken from Boom & Gen's Credit Union street album, which is due out September 2010, and boasts production from Ill Kayn, Divine Drummah, Dolo, QuestGod and more. Trenton, NJ - we still makin' it.

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