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[video] Scripts N Screwz "On 10"

Today, Scripts n Screwz releases their new visual experimentation, ON 10, to the public. The video consists of 2 main scenes. First scene features a traditional graffiti wall that represents SNS' love for Hip Hop in its rawest form and the second scene introduces the “Outer Limits” hall which includes stock motion, a never ending pathway and a host of interesting camera tricks!

The video's director, Cody Stokes, approached the duo with an idea that soon after became a reality. Stokes is a brilliant film maker from St. Louis, MO., whose accomplishments include a mantle top full of plaques but most notable, the very prestige Princess Grace Film award. SNS and Cody Stokes have already planned on working on more videos in the near future.

“ON 10” is the lead single for SNS' upcoming sophomore album, The HangOver. The song basically represents the old saying, to the MAX. “When you think of volume, you have 0, 5 and then you have 10”, says Scripts of SNS. The song has been gaining plenty of momentum throughout the St Louis Metro-East area but Scripts n Screwz feel as if the best has yet to come.

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Unknown said...

once again, much appreciated

I_SHOT_JR said...

Crazy visuals and song altogether