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The Paxtons The Manhattan Project

Good to hear that new music out there! Been a minute since The Paxtons garnered a grip of exposure for Work, and on this new project, The Manhattan Project, these two expound on a few things... "Hip Hop was built on a foundation of double meanings. While the title of The Paxtons’ new mixtape, The Manhattan Project, is an obvious reference to their relocation to NYC and adoption of the New York state-of-mind, there is a deeper inspiration driving the mixtape.

The Manhattan Project is also the codename for a WWII project whose mission was to develop the first atomic bomb. In musical terms, The Paxtons are taking the same approach by building a mixtape that is set to annihilate the competition with lyrics and production that clearly show an unseen hunger and level of progression and creativity from the Chicago-bred MC and production team". Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD The Paxtons The Manhattan Project
<a href="http://thepaxtons.bandcamp.com/album/the-manhattan-project">Caesar by The Paxtons</a>


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