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Rickie Jacobs Air Jacobs

The wait's over - Rickie Jacobs' Air Jacobs, which is presented by BuckMarleyXXX and Tha Good Life Reviews, is here, and it's been WELL worth the weight. I first got tuned into Rickie due to his production, but over the last year or so his skills on the mic have been the highlight, and they take center stage over beats from Artic, The Awesome Sound, MarsZ and more, with guest MCs like Wordsmith, 2 Pistols and others adding but never overshadowing Rickie's steelo. Have I ever steered you wrong? No? Then hop in your Delorean and take a trip into Rickie's zone.

DOWNLOAD Rickie Jacobs Air Jacobs


1. Chapter 1 (Prod. by DJ Tech-Neek)
2. I'm Grown ft. B.C. (Prod. by Artic)
3. My Time ft. Rotimi (Prod. by The Awesome Sound)
4. Last Flight Ever ft. Artic
5. Defense (Prod. by Nano)
6. Being Honest ft. 2 Pistols (Prod. by The Awesome Sound)
7. Yes Yes Y'all ft. Wordsmith and Artic (Prod. by DirtWork Production)
8. Dreamers Interlude (Prod. by Eca)
9. Invitation ft. Supe (Prod. by J. Black)
10. Wake Up Call (Prod. by Stir Crazy)
11. Look At Me Now ft. Artic (Prod. by Street Heat)
12. F.U.N. (Prod. by The Arsenals)
13. MarsZ for President (Prod. by MarsZ)
14. The End ( Prod. by The Arsenals)
15. Gift x Curse ft. Artic (Prod. by Brainiac Beats)

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