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Skream "Mosh Bag" [radio rip]

Skream "Mosh Bag [radio rip]": You should've seen me dropping a lot more radio shows from across the pond on RTD, as I've become enamored with the Kiss100 Dubstep Show with Crazy D & Hatcha. On their September 1st broadcast, I got introduced to this TOUGH slice of dubstep that was just ID'd as "Scream - Untitled - Dub"; I can't have that, LOL. I actually had lunch with DJ Nappy this past Friday and had it playing on the Berry, and he was like "I need this" and I told him I didn't know the name of it. He was like "how can this be?" and I explained the lack of details, but oddly enough, I found their September 8th broadcast, where this tune had an actual name! No word on when this drops, but when it does, I'm all over it. You ever used an old typewriter, where when you got to the end of the line, you had to push the top all the way to the left so you could start at the beginning of the next line? That what this feels like, to me. And hearing Crazy D hit that "yeeeeah!" around 38 seconds in, the first time I heard that!?!? I already had the proper screwface, so I imagine he was smelling it, too. Sick tune, yeah!?

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