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Small Eyez "Get Involved"

Small Eyez "Get Involved" (prod. by Abnormal): Eyez is one of the few bloggers I started following when I discovered what RSS was. I didn’t know that he was an emcee back then, just that he had some leftfield tastes in music. I always tend to gravitate to Black folk who fuck with leftfield shit – like myself. He’s been making more of a name for himself with his spit, and his forthcoming project NWords is due out this summer. This cut right here, though? So dope in its simplicity. Abnormal comes with a throwback break that he chose to bring a pretty fawnky, deep bassline atop. Eyez makes sure to upchuck all over this shit, with that stupid hook. Just some shit that, once it comes on, you’re either nodding your head with the scrunchface, or you’re playing hypeman. Only two options.


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