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Adebisi ft. Emcee Jermaine "Ain't Got"

When I saw Q from TMB talking about a new cut from Adebisi and my homey Emcee Jermaine, that was some shit I ain't got. At the time. Now, you all got it. This one right here? Taken from Adebisi's The Blaxploitation Part 2, which is dropping in October. This won't be on the Jermaine EP, which I'll be dropping on RTD Records in the near future, but you know, both cats go in. I been digging Adebisi's ish, and Jermaine is the home team - even if we don't link up like we should. Working fathers got responsibilities. But eff all of that. It's Friday, go sit around the kitchen table and look over those bills and recognize the funds you ain't got. Or open up that fridge and count how many beers you ain't got. But once you go over the ain't gots, strap up those boots and figure out and to make them ain't gots get got. (c) R-Truth

DOWNLOAD Adebisi ft. Emcee Jermaine "Ain't Got" (prod. by Noc Beats)


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Mozz said...

I was going to say Nina Simone does not approve, but he saved himself at the end there with the Crucial Conflict reference. Alright, go head, go head.