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The KhemLab "Put It To Rest"

Been a minute since I started talking about The KhemLab, a conglomerate of MCs that features cats from the Offshore Drilling project, as well as some additions, and over a number of starts and stops, we're proud to say that the project will be dropping next month. Don't ask for a day yet, doe. If you're like me, you've been living with a migraine. Just feel like there's a lot that are on our plates, and there's a bunch of bullshit trying to clog the pipeline of progress. Kind of like this project. What'd these guys do, though? Put their nose to the grindstone, set their sights on the prize and annihilated anything standing in their way. Main Course, junclassic and Sky 7th took this theme and beasted over this 2 Deep production. Love the drums in this one, really tough, and I'm a sucker for piano loops. There's a lot more heat on this KhemLab project, trust. You've been warned.

DOWNLOAD The KhemLab "Put It To Rest" (prod. by 2 Deep) [mirror]


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#PraverbForever! said...

killing it...love the fam...love the beat to the max...