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Roc Marciano "My Persona"

This some shit the god Dallas Penn sent over on Saturday. My schedule has been beyond fucked the fuck up, so my apologies for delaying the heatrocks to your Internets. In any case, this is that flyness that you lapse into when you're living life in your headphones... and swimming in whatever smoke or drink you're used to indulging in. Roc Marciano has a tough flow, and never tries to dumb down or bitch up his bars. Just real shit that you might miss if you're not being perceptive. Love how this MasterKraftsman beat flows, too. Dual sides, but they compliment each other so well. DP says that Roc's about to drop Reloaded in Q4 2011, and might dookie on the globe. If it sounds like this? I'll grab the Charmin.

DOWNLOAD Roc Marciano "My Persona" (prod. by MasterKraftsman)


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