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[RTD Interview]: Hollywood FLOSS

I remember the random Saturday afternoon where I first heard, and posted, Hollywood FLOSS' music. Two years ago, he sent over a track and I threw it up on BGDB. I was impressed, and apparently mad heads started taking notice, because over the next few years, he's been featured everywhere, from 2DBz to XXL. I won't say I told you so, but I'm glad that FLOSS has gotten the looks he's received, and has consistently churned out product to the Internets, for free and for a fee. While you've no doubt seen his name pop up on this blog over the last few years, it makes sense for him and I to sit down and really break down who the fuck his is, on the eve of his latest release, One Fan At A Time, which drops tomorrow, September 22nd. We break down how he got his unique moniker, how hardcore the ladies stalk him, and how he approaches this game.

khal: You’re a Houston nigga who has been said to have an “East Coast” influence. How did you fall upon the name “Hollywood FLOSS”?

Hollywood FLOSS: Haha, Good question! It definitely started as a childhood nickname, my friends used to call me Flossy or Flossin' which was a way to say I was fly or whatever with the way I dressed. I'm from the hood, but always had both my parents and could get the new Jordans or new Polo's, etc. So friends would say "you always FLOSSIN"! As I started rapping, it became Flossy B (Bruce is my first name), which was terrible, so I dropped the B, and Floss was just too plain, so I added "Hollywood" after Hollywood Hogan and the rest is history. It actually worked in my favor as you don't know what to expect with my name. You don't know if I'm a girl, band, pop or Hip-Hop, so it plays with the curiosity of the listener. I get listens because of my name and its easy to find on Google!

khal: I’ve followed you and the homies from Houston for a bit now. Talk to us about this “New Houston” conglomerate. What sets you apart from what cats might consider “Houston Rap”?

Hollywood FLOSS: Yea, you were one of the first to take a chance on "New Houston", and we appreciate that 100%. I think what set us apart was the fact that we didn't want to be in the shadows of the legends before us. We took it upon ourselves to be different and make our own path. If you know anything about Houston culture, you know people are faithful to the Screw sound, and its actually a risk to rap with lyrics or not in a traditional "Houston" tone. I try to be as creative as possible with my sound, I never been afraid to take risk on tracks... that's why I believe fans mess with me.

khal: You consistently keep your music out there – feels like you’ve always got something out there for the people to digest. What are your views on promo. Is too much not enough?

Hollywood FLOSS: I love the Internet! Without it, I definitely wouldn't have been able to make as much buzz or impact. I feel you must stay relevant in this new age of music, whether it's music, trailers, shows, or interviews. You have to remember fans dispose music so fast nowadays its crazy. If you get mentioned on the internet for 5 days, that's almost an accomplishment. My view is if Lil Wayne (who is at the top, among sales and popularity) is hustling, then yo ass need to be hustling... same with Curren$y and other rappers who put out high volumes of work.

khal: On the 22nd of September (aka Thursday), you’re releasing One Fan At A Time. I figure there’s obvious implications with that title, but talk to us about why you gave this project that title.

Hollywood FLOSS: I feel that artists go wrong when they abandon what got them to their top position so fast! The title for me means two things: First, I'm willing to put in any amount of work in this game, even if i only get one fan from it. I'm always going to be dedicated to true fans, who been down since day one. Secondly, it symbolizes what I'm a fan of most, which is music. Some days I definitely feel like music is just as important as air (that's the emo side of me talking, LOL).

khal: What’s more important for you: the right placement/feature or the steady accumulation of fans of your music?

Hollywood FLOSS: For me accumulation of fans, because with true fans they will do ANYTHING for you to have that right placement or feature. So many times people had that right placement and nothing came from it. Look at Bleek & Aztec, look at Papoose, Young Dro, etc., the list goes on, all these people had a powerful co-sign but no true fan base. Now take a person who has true fans like Lupe and these people will go to bat for you, start petitions for you... the power is with the fans!

khal: With so many cats in the game, where does the boy FLOSS fit in?

Hollywood FLOSS: Hell yea, the acts this day in age are far too many and they're annoying, haha! My sole purpose is to be creative as possible, push the sound envelope but still be me... I always say I'm Lil Jon meets Lupe Fiasco, I'm fun music with substance. I don't get too preachy, and I don't take myself too serious.

khal: You did a track about stalkin’ ass bitches. Was that just expressing yourself with the lyrics or you breaking down a legit tale of stalkin ass bitchdom?

Hollywood FLOSS: LMAO! That was actually a combo of both. I've had girls who were wayyyy to easy and aggressive, and definitely called 100 times too much, but never to the extent of what the song leads on to. One time, I had a girl follow me to my car and as I opened the trunk, she blind-sided me and snuck me in the jaw. I ate the punch like a Scooby snack, though! Actually proud of how strong my chin was LOL.

khal: What are some of your plans/goals with your music? When will you comfortably be like “cool, I did what I set out to do”?

Hollywood FLOSS: I try not to make any plans, but my goals are to eat off of my music, straight up! I'd take $10,000 less than my current job to do music full time, that's how much I love it. Most underground rappers don't want Grammy's, etc., but EFF that, I want Grammy's, VMA's and big time accomplishments. I definitely wont feel comfortable with just being another rapper... I want greatness for my career!

khal: While One Fan At A Time isn’t even cold yet, what are some of you plans for the not so distant future?

Hollywood FLOSS: Like I said I try not to make any plans, but I am working on Xperiment 3, and an untitled project. I'm always working whether I release music or not, you can guarantee I'm working o music. Also I'm executive producing an artist by the name of Kidd The Great, please stay tuned for that project, definitely worth the listen.

khal: If you were stranded on a deserted island, and could only bring 3 females and 3 CDs with you, who would you be cutting and what would you be cutting to?

Hollywood FLOSS: This question should of been asked first! no one cares about music! Nah ... my three ladies would be Cassie (she just look like a good freak), Rashida Jones (I have a big crush on her) and Halle Berry fine ass, just for nostalgia purposes. Three CDs I'm taking are Purple Rain, Aquemini, and Sade's Greatest Hits.

khal: Any shouts before we wrap this one up?

Hollywood FLOSS: Shoutout to my music brothers T.H.E.M (HashBrown, Kidd The Great, John Dew, Dustin Prestige, Hip Phonix, Thurogood, E-Wood, Rob Jay & Nya) AMD family, and anyone who truly supports my music... please be sure to follow me on twitter.com/HollywoodFLOSS and www.HollywoodFLOSS.com.

Make sure you keep an eye out for One Fan At A Time, which drops on the 22nd of September. HipHopFiend also dropped Part 1 of their special One Fan At A Time piece, where FLOSS speaks on the tracks that this project contains. Part 2 will drop today, so be on the lookout! EDIT Here's Part 2 of the HipHopFiend special.

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