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He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show

And a few hours after I drop "Heaven", we present The Light Show EP, featuring Daniel Joseph, JahSyah and JS Krillz, three cats from Jersey who met up at Krillz' Light House studio while working on solo projects to knock out this six-track EP, alongside Steeve Sam for a few jawns. If you don't like a little experimentation with your true school Hip-Hop, I don't know what to tell you - maybe next time? This is the kind of Jersey-centric shit that makes me know for a fact that my state has some of the best kept secrets. And it's my duty to shine that light on 'em. Here you go. And to think, I only just heard about this shit last Friday.

DOWNLOAD He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show


From The Void
Live at the Top (Indigo Air)
Rollin w/ Steeve Sam
Get out of Your Way (Life Said) w/ Steeve Sam
Heaven (Shine Truly)

*Moon Light

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