Moe-Fit The Phenom "Sheesh"

Shouts to Moe-Fit The Phenom for sending this one over. If you remember, I first heard of dude last week at the #ForeverBlack release party (the above picture is from his performance). Dude brings the thunder on the mic, and is the Co-Founder, President and Lead Artist at Turnpike Entertainment. Pure Jersey right here, with Moe being from Mount Holly originally, but he's repping Camden right now. Sheesh. This Siyah Moon-produced track lends to that ska/dub flavor that I fucks with, and Moe just goes HAM. Sheesh. Fucks with this, and if you're in Trenton tonight, catch Moe at #GardenVariety - I'll be there!

DOWNLOAD Moe-Fit The Phenom "Sheesh" (prod. by DJ Siyah Moon)

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