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[recap] #GardenVariety (2/25/2012)

Shouts to everyone who came through to the #GardenVariety show in Trenton last night. Had a nice crowd dumb early, and cats like Rich Quick, Skrew, Black Collar Biz, Mr. Fickle, Moe-Fit The Phenom and King Don set the show off right. There were some cats who got on the mic that I wasn't feeling, but Self set shit straight - he has some ideas that I truly hope come to fruition. As does Kasso. And Tone Liv, who I spent most of the night with cracking jokes and breaking down WWE shit. Random. As per usual, I've posted pics on Facebook, and after the jump I have some BlackBerry footage of Rich Quick and Black Collar Biz performing. And if you're in Trenton on March 2nd, you need to hit up Kasso's Socializm show. Chea! OH, and the above artwork is done by the homey @luvonesta.


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