Nas ft. Rick Ross "Accident Murderers"

This is exactly what I wish for when Nas and Rick Ross link up. I have a thing about organs, so these "rich nigga memoirs" sound like ghetto gospel over this track. Nas of course injects a bit more prophecy into his bars, but Ross doesn't totally falter. I'm assuming this one is taken from Life Is Good, which is due out July 17th. I also love how Nas discovered SoundCloud and uploads errthing for freeski. Third verse FTW. Feels like Nas is describing the horror stories from the young niggas 'round my way. EDIT I see that you can pre-order a Life Is Good bundle + box set, which features a special limited edition & numbered notebook personalized by Nas with exclusive photos and selected art, a deluxe CD and an exclusive Life Is Good t-shirt. Word is 500 randomly selected notebooks will be signed by Nas. Boi-1da has the full tracklist up.

DOWNLOAD Nas ft. Rick Ross "Accident Murderers"


Jaap said...

Co-sign on err'thang. Have the distinct feeling Nas wrote that Ross verse or at least was a big help in it. "Insh'Allah?" "We grew up doin' graffiti?" that don't sound like Rozay words.

Dig the new theme by the way, clean look.

khal said...

hadn't thought about Nas writing Ross' verse. makes sense.