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Disc Jockey Nappy - Trappy Gillmore

Been waiting for this one. With all of the hype about "Trap" in various EDM circles, it's good to get a tape like this, focusing on that particular sound, to really put things in perspective.Also good to hear more than the usual clones out there making these tracks. Dope remixes from Diplo are featured, as well as two refixes Nappy did himself. Even a banger of a cut "Watching" by Starkey, which is featured on Street Bass Bootlegs 2 is on this, among a bunch of other more shit. If you mess with Trap Rap tracks (say that five times fast), you are familiar with the "trap" sound, but these cats are trying to take it to another level. Or just make it a bit more fun. Who knows. Nappy's here to guide you, though.

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