Posij "Empty Lungs"

This is the kind of shit that gets me moving. And part of the reason I feel like I need to chase that EDM dragon. I saw Datsik tweeting this morning about experimentation, and how some fans expect an artist (preferably dubstep guys) to stick to one particular sound. You might call this dubstep, but it doesn't share much with the typical sounds that got America (specifically) into dubstep over the last few years. You've got the intense funk of those stabs, the fly march of those snars throughout? This is hypnotic. Shouts to Noisia for putting this one out on Division - you can cop via iTunes or Beatport today. Or you can cop it for free, just pay with a tweet or via Facebook - more details via this SoundCloud page. I'll be over here, constantly reloading this one. Keep it locked to Posij. Got a feeling he'll be keeping us intrigued.


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