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ƱZ - Trap Shit 6/9 [JEFF023]

After a wild grip of love that his work has been getting, including being dropped on Shade45 by DJ Wonder three times (so far) AND getting a great look via NPR, The Jeffree's has dropped ƱZ's Trap Shit 6/9 for free. Dude's gotten a fuckload of love form a bunch of DJs, but the first cat to put me onto him was Nappy. In any case, in a wild scene where so many clones and upstarts are trying to make Trap beats, ƱZ is about the most original ones of the bunch. If you don't believe, or even know the burgeoning Trap scene, I'd say head on over to ƱZ's SoundCloud, or properly take this release in.

DOWNLOAD ƱZ - Trap Shit 6/9 [JEFF023]

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