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#JFJ The Morning After

This is one of my favorite pieces from yesterday. I finally added all of the shots I took at the Jersey Fresh Jam (via Facebook), but I'm kind of pissed. Not at the actual event - as it was dope, but I missed some key shit: once the music got shut down, there were some freestyles going down outside. I heard Biz Mighty went off, and I caught the tail-end of Skrew in the cipher as well. I did get some footage of Rhymageddon and his crew (even Emcee Jermaine) kicking verses outside of his whip. I'll have that footage up tomorrow more than likely. I did get to interact with a LOT of the Jersey fam, including A Sharp, Phace, Wade Wilson, Dready Mercury, Tone Liv, Divine Drummah and many more, heads I can't even think of. Shit I came home and took it down early, but it was a LONG day. I am also pissed that I didn't get to post as much as I wanted to, but I know for next year what to do. And I did get a good amount of footage. Lesson(s) learned!

I saw that Roads-Art posted up a video of Yasin at the #JFJ yesterday, which you can check after the jump. There's also a grip of footage from the After Party last night. When I get more footage, I'll share.


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