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#JFJ Hot Outside

Hot outside. Very hot. The thing with the Terracycle spot is that it's great and in the cut, but it also has no shade/trees in the open area. I'm in a secret chamber of the building doing this post right now. I am reserved in the fact that I've not met my personal quota, but it just wasn't happening. I got to see a lot of my local Jersey fam though: Tone Liv, Self, Black Collar Biz, Phace, Skrewtape and plenty more cats have been here. Seen FEED rock with Divine Drummah, as well as saw King Don (above) and KV do their thing. I got to meet neph from thehiphophead.net, and I'm still waiting on seeing cats like Daniel Joseph and Jermaine.

Shit, word just hit from Jermaine - the Trenton Police shut the music down. I saw them earlier making the vendors move out of the way, but the music had been at a VERY decent level. Might be a permit issue. What the fuck?!?! Hit the FB for images and shit, we'll see what's good.

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