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PREMIERE: A Mankind Complex Releases Their New Mixtape, 'Destination'

We're in the middle of Art All Night - Trenton 2016, but wanted to stop off and hit you with something special. We told you that A Mankind Complex was one of the acts you needed to check out; hopefully you caught their set on the Russo Music Stage. You might've seen that they had physical copies of their new mixtape Destination on hand...but guess who has the digital premiere? It's dope to see more artists making sure that they had new material to unleash at one of Trenton's biggest events; this is what we like seeing!

On this 10-track release, A Mankind Complex gets deep with it. You can hear it the cut "No Problem," and the project does a great job of getting real with everyday ills while combining all of the things that make this city beautiful and ugly and raging against the machine.

Here's a FREE DOWNLOAD Of Destination. Shouts to Cap City.


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