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The Official Art All Night - Trenton 2016 Music Schedule

While this blog thinks globally, we stay acting locally. For the fourth year, we'll be running BlogsAllNight, the official blog for the annual Art All Night - Trenton art and music festival which is going down this weekend, from 3PM on Saturday, June 18 to 3PM on Sunday, June 19 (Father's Day). My family is heavy into the Trenton art scene (shouts to Artworks Trenton), and love helping make this event grow.

Last week, we previewed some of the hip-hop acts you can see during this year's festival, but know that there are a number of dope acts from all genres performing LIVE. For those of you who might need more information, or want to properly schedule your time, check out the full schedule down below (or download the hi-res image HERE). Prior proper planning, fam!


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