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Ding to Drop a Mix Every Week at 9AM

Now THIS is something we can get behind. While RTD has our own plans for mixes and things of that nature (that will be fleshed out more in the coming weeks and months), we got an email today from Ding, a UK artist who's surprised us as of late with his broad selection of beats. He says that he's "decided to start dropping a brand new mix every week. The mix will be roughly an hour long dropping all genres" in an effort to "try an explore the depths of some different genres old and new."

Now, these drop at 9AM UK time, but I'm usually sleep at that time (because old), so we're just going to lace you with this at 9AM EST. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


1- Chris Turner & The DropOuts - My Girl
2- Jordan Rakei - Selfish
3- PPP feat. SA - Ra - Deep Inside (Belle Isle Remix)
4- Saint Pepsi - Cherry Pepsi
5- Stage Kids - 321
6- Homeshake - Slow
7- Sammus - 1080p
8- Aaron Taylor - Lesson Learnt
9- Vector Graphics - Destine
10- Flamingosis & Birocratic - Passing By
11- Vector Graphics - Power
12- RC - Can’t Bridge my defence
13- Ikaya - Reggae Love
14- Kutiman feat. Adam Scheflan and Karolina - Shine Again
15- Corpus - Mythical Dream

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