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Moneyshot and Cheeba Pay Tribute to Beck's 'Odelay' With This Stunning Mixtape

The last time we posted a mix from Moneyshot and Cheeba was roughly six months ago, and it was their last Solid Steel set, paying tribute to the Golden Era of hip-hop. This week, in tribute to Beck's dynamic album Odelay (which turned 20 years old on June 18), Moneyshot and Cheeba did a SUPER deep dive into Beck's material around that time, culling "samples, remixes, influences and references involved in the LP, with exclusive narration from Dust Brother, Mike Simpson."

It's an impressive hour, and something you need in your weekend playlist. Even better, the dynamic duo will be taking this show on the road in the audio-visual adaptation they're calling "Four Turntable and a Microphone."


Beck -Intro - BizarreFest '97
Beck -Devil's Haircut Geffen Records
Them -Out of Sight Decca
Beck -Devil's Haircut (Rock N Roll Edit) promo cassette
Beck -Trouble All My Days (Intro) Geffen Records
The Troggs -I Can Only Give You Fontana Fontana
Beck -Dark and Lovely (Dust Brothers Remix) Geffen Records
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie -Soul Drums Date
Mort Garson -Climax One Sensuous Records
Beck -Devil's Haircut (Live '99)
Beck -American Wastland (excerpt) Geffen Records
Beck -Hotwax (Live intro, Treasure Island Music Festival
Beck -Hotwax Geffen Records
Freda Payne -The Easiest Way to Fall Invictus
Pretty Purdie & The Playboys -Song For Aretha Flying Dutchman
Black Sabbath -Behind the Wall of Sleep Warner Bros
Mandrill -Universal Rhythms Polymor
Monk Higgins -Up On The Hill United Artists Records
Mike Millius -Lookout For Lucy UNI Records
Edgar Winter Group -When It Comes Epic
Beck -Lord Only Knows Geffen Records
Beck -The New Pollution (Live Intro)
Beck -The New Pollution Geffen Records
Gus Poole -Hallelujah, Alright, Amen Novasonic Records
Beck -The New Pollution (The Newest Pollution Mix) Geffen Records
Beck -The New Pollution (Remix by Mickey P) Geffen Records
Joe Thomas -Venus Groove Merchant
Beck -Derelict Geffen Records
Rare Earth -I Just Want to Celebrate Tamla Motown
Pickin' On Series -New Pollution (CMH Records)
Lee Michaels -(Don't Want No) Woman A&M Records
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes -Poeme Non Epique No. III (Fontana)
Beck -Novacane Geffen Records
Freedom -Get Up and Dance T.K Disco
Them -It's All Over Now Baby Blue Decca
Beck -Jack-Ass Geffen Records
Beck -Jack-Ass (Butch Vig's Lowrider Mix) Geffen Records
Dyke & The Blazers -Let A Woman Be A Woman Original Sound
Beck -Where Its At (Bonus Beats) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (U.N.K.L.E. Remix) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (MTV Unplugged) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (Remix by Mario C. and Mikey P.) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (Remix by John King) Geffen Records
Beck -Make Out City (Remix By Mike Simpson) Geffen Records
Mantronix -Needle To The Groove Sleeping Bag Records
Lee Dorsey -Get Out of My Life Woman Amy
Beck -Lloyd Price Express (John King Remix) Geffen Records
The Frogs -I Don't Care If U Disrespect Me Homestead Records
Stanley Z. Daniels, M.D. -Sex For Teens (Where Its At) Carapan Records
Beck -Minus Geffen Records
Mattel -Barbie Phone Commercial
Dick Hyman -The Moog And Me Command
Beck -Sissyneck Geffen Records
Country Funk -Apart Of Me Polydor
Sly & The Family Stone -Life Epic
Laurindo Almeida -Desafinado Tower
Rory Gallagher -Admit It Polydor
Beck -Readymade Geffen Records
Walter Wanderley -Baia GNP Crescendo
DJ Grand Wizard Theodore -Cold Crush Brothers vs the Fantastic 5 M.C.'s
Beck -High Five (Rock the Catskills) Geffen Records
Beck -High Five (Rock the Catskills)
Rasputin's Stash -Mr. Cool Cotillion
Beck -Novacane Geffen Records
Beck -Ramshackle Geffen Records

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