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[rock the dub Interview]: Martsman


In a genre like Drum & Bass, there is a plethora of sounds coming from all over the world. There are some producers who receive all of the shine whenever they drop (Goldie, Fresh, Pendulum, etc.), and others who seem to have a strong underground fanbase, but for all their good intentions, never seem to get the proper blessings from the above-ground listeners. Martsman is one of those producers. Crafting soundscapes that are heavy on experimentation and his own singular aesthetic, his releases have been championed by labels and websites worldwide. Where DnB has strayed from the original tracks that kept you guessing and interested in the new sounds coming in, Martsman comes from a school that take the tune and keeps it fresh with interesting, invigorating ideas. Upon the release of a few top-notch 12"s from Martin, we diced things up over the state of the scene, netlabels, and what goes on behind the twitchy robotic beasts that Martsman creates...

khal: While you’ve dropped ill beats on Exegene, Plainaudio, Offshore, as well as Counter Intelligence and (forthcoming) bits for Bassbin/Breakin’, many may not recognize your name. If you had to describe your style of production, what would you call it?

Martsman: I guess most people would probably call it “Leftfield Drum & Bass”. I can’t really name a particular style nor do I aim to go into a certain direction though. It’s Drum & Bass in a way I would like it to sound like.

khal: The way you produce reminds many of producers like Squarepusher or Alpha Omega: edited breaks with an attitude of pretty much “anything goes” for the rest of the track. How do you approach producing?

Martsman: When I started listening to Drum & Bass, it wasn’t mainly the typical mid- to end-nineties sound most of the DJs played (Jump Up, Techstep etc.), but more the musical and experimental stuff from the Reinforced camp. The sounds of Alpha Omega and Sonar Circle were basically what I got to know as “Drum & Bass” in the first row, followed by artists like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin or Plug. For me, Drum & Bass is the name for a particular framework. Within this framework, basically “anything goes”. I love to play around with expectations, breaks and breakdowns out of the blue, stop-and-goes, glitches and the like. I would like people to start reflecting about the music they listen to again. It’s not about getting too intellectual, so that the audience can’t enjoy it anymore, but more in a way of creating awareness of the fact that there is music to listen to and not only some sound to fidget to like mad.

khal: For the gear-heads out there, can you describe what your studio setup is like? Is there one piece of equipment that you couldn’t work without? If so, why?

Martsman: Simply put: I don’t have hardware equipment besides two small Genelec 8020A monitors, which I bought this year. All I do is software-only. I use a freeware modular tracker called “Jeskola Buzz” running on a laptop PC. I chose Buzz back then because it was freeware, and now I simply can’t imagine working with anything else.

khal: What inspires you to produce? Are you trying to evoke a certain message or feeling with your tunes, or are they more exploration and experimentation or what?

Martsman: I often have precise ideas on what I want to do soundwise – especially when it comes to drumpatterns and basslines. It is like I have like 4 bars of a track in my head and try to work this idea out. Interestingly, I think I haven’t ever really finished a track based on such an idea. It is more like the ideas are a basis for me to start and most of the time trying to work an idea out like this leads to results I don’t expect at all. Sometimes there is an intention or a program behind certain tracks though. Take “Antifunk” on Counter Intelligence for example – the main point about the tune is the break which is not used in a typical breakbeat fashion but in a quite steady and “antifunky” way. In “Jump Funk” the patterns change on the formula “every 8 bars, put in another bassdrum after the last one”. I kinda like concepts with simple mathematics. Most of the inspiration comes from other music, no matter what genre. However, I always take something with me to write ideas down as they often vanish as quick as they come.

khal: I know you are from Germany, but one of your first releases was for Offshore, with “Ago”, which is where I first heard your production. How did you get involved with Offshore, which is primarily based in New York, USA?

Martsman: I got in contact with Brett (DJ Clever – OSR mastermind) via Sileni, another Offshore artist. He put out a track called “Twitchy Droid Leg” back in 2004, which was like an enlightenment for me. I hadn’t heard anything like that before, and all of a sudden, Drum & Bass was making sense to me again. I found out Sileni was posting on “”, so I just sent him a message, which he replied to about half a year later. Then everything happened pretty fast – I sent him a couple of tracks and he was quite into them. So he pushed them into Brett’s direction. Brett signed two tracks: “Ago” – which was released in November 2005 as a split release with Commercial Suicide, and “Marksman” – which will be coming on the “Buried Treasures” CD compilation very soon.

khal: Is the DnB scene in Germany large? Do you have any dealings with producers like Amaning or Deep Inc or any of the newer German producers out there?

Martsman: First of all, I have to say that I am not part of the Drum & Bass scene here for as long as several other German producers are. The first contacts with the scene were around 2000 I’d say, and it took another 3-4 years until I started playing out and got into producing properly. So, basically, as things are just starting up for me at the moment I am also just getting involved in the German Drum & Bass scene gradually. However, I was pretty hard to find like-minded people over here. That’s why I’d say I am now in contact with more people outside of Germany than within the country. Nevertheless, there is a growing amount of leftfield producers and DJs here I am in contact with. Cycom from Hamburg, who has releases out on Santorin Records and Alphacut as well as forthcoming bits on Counter Intelligence, Breakin and Transmute and is also active member of Plainaudio, DJ Con.Struct, a promoter from Leipzig and artist of Outsider Recordings, LXC, the Alphacut labelhead, Bad Matter from Berlin (Intransigent Records, Alphacut), the NSF crew from Mannheim (Soothsayer, Exegene), of course all the guys from Plainaudio and quite a bunch of other DJs and promoters. Apparently, when you’re doing leftfield Drum & Bass, you can’t survive music-wise without networking outside of Germany. However, there’s a noticable movement going on here at the moment. And it also depends on where you live. When I moved to Berlin in April, I experienced a much larger audience and also a wider spectrum of musical styles in Drum & Bass, than in Karlsruhe, where I lived before and where people were mostly into one particular style of Drum & Bass which I couldn’t force myself to neither produce nor spin.

khal: In speaking with you previously, I hear you do A&R for Plainaudio. How did that opportunity come about?

Martsman: Plainaudio was founded by Iaka in 2001. After two vinyl releases (Cycom, Barth) the label took a break and relaunched again in 2005 as a netlabel for Drum & Bass as well as Electronica and Experimental. First I was asked to do a release for them and by that time I got involved with the organization as well. Plainaudio is currently run by Iaka and Cycom from Hamburg, Buzz from Dortmund and Flowpro and myself from Berlin.

khal: Speaking of Plainaudio, not only have you put out *free* releases for them, but you have two releases under your belt for the Exegene net label. How do you feel about giving your music away for free? Do you think releases like these will help ease up the p2p trading of mp3s?

Martsman: The main point about netlabels in my opinion is, that, when they are led well, they can reach a much wider audience than vinyl-only labels could ever do – due to podcasts and distribution via blogs, e.g. Plainaudio tracks are distributed via Starfrosch, Europe’s biggest podcast for electronic music. Thanks to that fact we have download rates up to over 20,000 with certain releases at present, steadily growing. As most of the stuff we provide is more musical than the usual DJ-tools, it is not the kind of music that would easily sell on bigger vinyl labels anyway. Therefore, putting tunes out on a netlabel in the context of a release seems to be an adequate way to avoid real gems being lost over time. Don’t get me wrong, there are more and more vinyl-labels out there, that sign and put out this kind of Drum & Bass, but compared to the output of the producers, there are still too few labels to cope with the amount of tracks being done, which are worth to see a release. You often see talented producers give away some of their tracks for free on internet boards nowadays – so why not do it more officially plus promote the tracks in a way they deserve?! Additionally, I consider Netlabels an appropriate way to support artists that aren’t signed to a bigger label yet – they can work like a promotional platform. As far as the p2p problem is concerned – I might be taking it too easy in this concern, but putting out music on vinyl only means putting out music for the DJs only. I suppose most of the people downloading MP3s via p2p networks are music lovers who don’t have the chance to get the tunes else than on vinyl – which doesn’t make sense, when you’re not a DJ, especially when you have to pay the same amount of money for a 12” as for a full CD album. I can’t believe that DJs seriously play out pirated MP3s, at least not if it is still possible to get a copy on wax. And if they do so, shame on them! There are ways to ease the whole problem though. Offshore’s complete back catalogue can be bought on Warp’s e.g. Other labels provide their tunes on Beatport for just a few bucks. I think that’s a good solution – it doesn’t really solve the problem with p2p, but at least it is an alternative for the non-DJ-audience to get the music they like legally.

khal: I’ve seen a few flicks of you DJing on your MySpace page. What types of tracks to you spin?

Martsman: I personally love every kind of breaks and bouncy stuff and I have a preference for everything that sounds electronic and sterile – tracks that don’t hide the fact that they are made with a computer, “Robot breaks”. I play lots of older stuff from the mid to the end of the nineties as well. I came to Drum & Bass rather late, which allows me to discover the sounds from back then with quite an excitement.

khal: Not to stereotype, but in the style(s) of DnB you produce, there seem to be a number of producers who tend to stick to wanting to promote and preserve the older sounds of DnB. They feel as though a lot of the newer stuff that gets released can be considered rubbish. Do you subscribe to those thoughts? Why or why not?

Martsman: Let me put it this way: It appears to me, that there aren’t too many things still to be done in Drum & Bass. I don’t say this in a pessimistic way, but it’s just a fact that most of the sounds and styles that appear “new” today, were there before. (Although it may sound a bit like a commercial by now, but in my opinion the only piece of Drum & Bass from the last couple of years that really came up with something totally new, was Sileni’s “Twitchy Droid Leg”). The only point is, that they are not as worn out yet as most of the mainstream Drum & Bass appears to be. E.g. I experienced that when I got a chance to go through the old Partisan catalogue recently and listened to some of Deep Blue’s old stuff. Interestingly, he did all this techno-influenced and halftime stuff that’s so en vogue now years ago! (And I think he’s not the only one who did.) Just it appears like no one was really interested. Today Amit’s the name when it comes to halftime stuff, and Martyn’s on his way to become the Detroit & Bass Don – and two yet existing ways to interpret Drum & Bass come to their right not only because their main protagonists do their thing very well but because a wider audience seems willing to accept it. However, I consider most of the recent mainstream Drum & Bass hardly exciting and therefore I guess I am in the same situation as most of the other guys who dig out older styles and sounds. But what makes the difference is probably the majority of them having been part of the scene from the early days on, which I was not. As I said, I came to Drum & Bass rather late and therefore, I don’t make a difference between the original “old stuff” and the “renaissance stuff” from today – it still sounds all fresh and playable to me.

khal: What producer or producers would you say are really making consistently dope tracks, inside and outside the DnB scene?

Martsman: There are quite a bunch of people I would like to name in this regard. Sileni’s the man when it comes to weirdo-robot-freakouts. Apart from “Twitchy Droid Leg” on Offshore there are other tracks out on Planet Mu, Thermal, Subtle Audio and Outsider and some lined up for Subvert Central Recordings as well. They are all more than worth checking out. Martyn’s doing his thing extremely well. From “Nxt 2 U” on play:musik to his remix of Graphic’s “I am metal” on Offshore, he’s consistingly following his path of a straight and yet out-of-the-box dancefloor oriented style. Alpha Omega – a legend back then, a legend now – nuff said. There are Macc, Fanu, Fracture & Neptune, Cycom and lots more from Subvert Central and beyond, who all are very strong when it comes to terms of next generation Drumfunk. In my opinion, there’s quite a lot going on at the moment!

khal: We’ve spoken on your past releases, but what do you have dropping in the near future? Any plans for an EP or LP releases?

Martsman: Sure there are plans, but nothing is settled yet, so I’d rather not talk about it at this point.

khal: Do you have any shout-outs or words of advice you’d like to drop before we wrap this up?
Martsman: I’ve been talking to a lot of DJs who emphasized, that they really would like to play more “out of the box” stuff but are too anxious that the audience would not like it and leave the dancefloor. In my experience, if you are consequent with what you play (and that doesn’t mean only to play for yourself!), most of the people come back after the first confusion. And besides, some more free room ain’t that bad if you really want to dance and not only nod your head, right?

Coming this December,
Offshore Recordings is releasing "Twitchy Droid Leg Remixes Part 2", which features a Martsman RMX of Sileni's "Twitchy Droid Leg" on the A side (followed up by a Vex'd RMX on the flip). We also have word that Martsman's "Antifunk", which is forthcoming on Counter Intelligence, is about to hit the testpress stage. Keep your eyes peeled, ears to the ground, and some cash tucked away for these releases.


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[rock the dub Interview]: HoChi

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Sometimes, there are producers who stay in one lane, never trying to explore or expand their sound. Hochi is not one of those guys. Last December, with his boy Infiltrata at his side, he introduced HEAT VOLUME 1, which showcased what many would call the future of DnB, mainly from one of the hottest new collectives in the game right now, the TEKDBZ Army. Headed by Photek, Hochi, Infiltrata, Mental Sharp and DJ Craze are putting a new spin on the genre of DnB, infusing a more musical sound to the dancefloor.. Outside of the DnB world, though, Hochi is still getting it done with various Hip-Hop projects, from more underground shit with Killah Priest to working with the G-Unit, as well as having his hand in the first volume of XXL's DVD Magazine.

khal: Your track record is ever growing: one minute you’re dropping beats for TEKDBZ, while the next you are doing things with Killah Priest. How long have you been producing tracks?

Hochi: I have been making beats for about 10 years in various forms.

khal: These days, many different producers create their sounds using all types of gear and programs. What does Hochi’s studio consist of? Is there any piece of equipment or software that you cannot produce without?

Hochi: I use Macs and PCs in my studio along with various outboard gear. It’s a hybrid setup. I need to have a lot of different tools because I work on all sorts of projects from films to music. There's nothing I couldn’t live without but I have my preferences.

khal: In terms of your DnB production, you seem to came into the scene runnin’, with your first release side by side with Stakka. How did you get into the DnB scene, and where did you start to link up with heavy hitters like Stakka, Photek, and others?

Hochi: I was working on Hip-Hop projects and I became a fan of DnB; it just sort of interested me. Ironically, I read an article about Photek in Jazz Times when I was about 17 and that’s what got me checking for DnB. I met these guys just by networking they were just cool people and we had a lot in common.

khal: With your Killahertz crew, you drop Hip-Hop production primarily, right? You’ve been linked to many heads, most recently the G-Unit crew and most recently the XXL DVD Magazine Vol. 1. How did you get into the Hip-Hop game, and where did you start to get notice from some of the larger entities? Also, where else might we have heard your beats?

Hochi: I got into doing beats for people the basic way, just networking and connecting the dots. I knew a cat at G-Unit (shouts to Dan The Man) and I sent him some beats and he got me involved in some of his projects. I also work a lot with the dudes in Killahertz (DJ 730 and Dan One); 730 works at and he helps a lot with getting us connected with various artists. You can hear me on a lot of the G-Unit DVDs (Tony Yayo's Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon, 50 Cent's The Massacre DVD, G-Unit City, etc..). I also work a lot doing mixtape joints in the Hip-Hop arena. I’ve done tracks for tons of people. I just recently did a track called "125 grams Pt. 2" and a couple of other tracks for an artist named Joell Ortiz who just signed to Dr Dre’s Aftermath.

khal: Now for those out there who keep their eyes and ears on the “hood DVD” craze, they might have noticed you name was all over the XXL DVD Magazine Vol. 1 that was just recently released. The credits say you not only contributed beats, but also handed some post production to the sound on the disc. How did they come at you to handle this task? Do you handle things like this for other companies and discs?

Hochi: Yeah I have done post-production for a lot of the G-Unit/Interscope DVDs. I worked with the same director on all these projects - once again shouts to Dan the Man! I am also working on the music for a documentary called ‘Glue Boys’ which is about homeless children in Kenya addicted to glue and the companies who are profiting from it. Check for more info.

khal: Since you dabble with both DnB & Hip-Hop, I always wonder, does one style of music influence the other? Do you approach producing a DnB track differently than a Hip-Hop track? Also, do you find it easier to write a track for one style of music, as opposed to the other?

Hochi: I really don’t approach them any differently I think that why my stuff sounds the way it does. I don’t think one style is any more difficult the core ideas take the same amount of time to create but DnB has a lot of frilly detail and arrangement work. I actually find that stuff kind of boring which is why I like to work with people who are into that part of it.

khal: Now, you’ve been selected by Mr. Photek himself to be a representative of the new breed of producers in the DnB scene. How does it feel to carry a weight like that on your back? What do you think you bring to the TEKDBZ camp that no one else can bring?

Hochi: Its not really a weight at all I don’t really look at music as life or death its supposed to be fun an interesting and I do work on that basis. I think I am the idea man within the TEKDBZ circle and being the label manager I try to make sure I keep everyone communicating and updated with revelant information. I guess if you wanted to define my position I am kind of like the ‘consigliere’ to the boss man.

khal: Speaking of TEKDBZ, you recently had a few large shows in California, right? How does it feel dropping DnB in places like the House of Blues, where that sound is not normally known to be played? Do you feel as though DnB can achieve a louder voice in the United States, to where it can be getting at least more album sales or radio play?

Hochi: I don’t think DnB in its current form will ever leave the ‘underground’ my guess is it will become even more obscure. I think this is because most people involved in the ‘scene’ have there identity tied up in a simple notion of what this music is and they will do anything to keep it from being accessible because they would have less control over it. I can’t speak for anyone else but with TEKDBZ our aim is to take the best MUSICAL aspects of DnB and combine them with the best aspects of all the other music we are influenced by and see what happens. Our position is “if you build it they will come” HOB is great because it allows us to what we do and put it on a stage where it can be appreciated by a wider audienence. Having a venue with as many capabilities as HOB lets us take our stage performances to another level. It's also just great to have a place on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. You never know who could wander in.

khal: Word is you recently on XM if I am not mistaken. Can you tell us more about this? Is it an ongoing gig, and if so, what can we expect from future shows?

Hochi: It's going to be every other Thursday on XM Radio Channel 80 The Move 3AM EST and 12AM PST. The hosts are Photek, Craze, and myself and you can expect the unexpected.

khal: What would you say is your greatest creation sonically, and why?

Hochi: I am really not sentimental about that kind of stuff. I really like "Hit Em’ Hard" because it was a proof of concept that worked out great.

khal: For someone of your caliber, who seems to already be making loads of waves in many areas, you are still a new name and face in the larger scheme of things. Where do you hope to see yourself and your crews/brands/etc. in the next, say, 5 years?

Hochi: I hope we can really start a new genre of music that is as accessible and appreciated by as many people as jungle/DnB once was. That would be a worthwhile accomplishment.

khal: In the more immediate future, what releases are planned for you in the immediate future? There was word of a TEKDBZ album, as well as a Mental Sharp album coming to the light soon. Can you shed any light on the schedules on those things?

Hochi: First comes the TEKDBZ:AMMO album which is a compilation featuring everyone from the crew and some vocalists from other genres. There will be a DVD of the live shows released as well. After that we are focused on Mental Sharp’s Epiphany album which in my opinion is a sure shot classic. Look for Ammo later this year and Epiphany a few months later.

khal: Aside from the large TEKDBZ shows, do you perform live anywhere else? If so, where can people catch you?

Hochi: I’ve been just getting back into djing and I have been doing a lot in cali lately. I would like to hit the road with one of the TEKDBZ MCs soon.

khal: Do you have any advice for the novice producer out there, trying to get their work heard by the major figures of the various industries?

Hochi: Don’t start making music until you have some new ideas. New Ideas are everything.

khal: Where do you see DnB going in 2007? What is the sound going to be, in your opinion?

Hochi: More self-agrandizement and played out ideas. Theres definitely some fresh producers out there but I personally have a hard time relating to most of the stuff I hear now.

khal: Do you have any last words or shouts to the people?

Hochi: Checkout TEKDBZ:AMMO and Form and Function Vol 2.

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the shuffle. [11/11/06]

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What a month... lost a job, got a temp, temp ended. Opened an eBay store, unable to sell shit. Heard a bunch of new Hip-Hop albums, dug not one of them front to back. I guess that's the fall blues for you. It's not like these are the last days, but shit, Election Day came and passed and I feel cheated. Cheated by the system, cheated by the industry, cheated by the fucking man. You feel cheated too, no? Well, I'm going to rape the system; milk those fuckers until the day I die. Only way a nigga like me can truly make ends meet to the point where I'm not drowning, in debt or shopping bags, whichever comes first...

I've been slacking on my blog macking... but since I will be home more raping the system, I'll be able to drop my views a lot quicker. And blunter. Get familiar like Clinton Sparks! Let's ride!

01/This first tidbit is a note to The Game, aka the one who has so much potential, but is not thinking about his career. Taking war to Fiddy was brilliant until you got dumped from Dre's Aftermath. Now, your album comes out on the 14th, and you have proclaimed that you leaked your album... sort of. You told All Hip-Hop that you leaked the clean version. This would be a grand event, especially if you truly leaked The Documentary before it dropped, but the thing is, niggas had the dirty retail version of your album before this "clean album leak" story was online. Which is it? Were you just trying to lessen the blow of your whole album leaking, which isn't half bad (hell, even Oh Word co-signed it's OK-ness)... hell, that track with is actually worth listening to! I do have to give you props though, that "It's Okay (One Blood) (Remix)" is like butter on breakfast toast, especially when you got so many of Hip-Hop's nicest to bless that beat. Eleven minutes of fury. Keep up more of that, and less of the 9 minute tracks featuring Nas and a gospel choir. Bad look, duke.

02/It wouldn't be right if I didn't talk about my newest, favoritest celebrity of the moment, Britney Spears. Even though she named her 2nd son Jayden, like my own son, I still have to give it up to her for finally divorcing K-Fed, over Blackberry even. You lot don't know, but I asked dude for an interview like 3 weeks ago, and I heard nothing back from his people, so that's what happens when you diss the rock the dub massive: you get your funds cut from your fly-again wife. Shit, homegirl is even rumored to be working on her new album with Pharrell down in M-I-A-yo! Kevin wants sole custody of his 2 seeds with Brit, which ain't fucking happening -- her dollars are longer than yours, pup. He even enlisted his previous baby moms, Shar Jackson, to do some PR for the fag MC, saying he is paying for his seeds to go to private school, when we all know full well this nigga can't even sell his debut album - how the FUCK is he paying for his kids schooling? Shit, he had a hard enough time clearing a freestyle: peep game: Mobb Deep and the Alchemist made "Got It Twisted", which sampled Thomas Dolby's 80's hit "She Blinded Me With Science". K-Fed rapped over this for a freestyle entitled "America's Most Wanted", and Dolby went and sued dude over this, AND WON! Imagine how many real MCs would be penniless just from jacking beats for freestyles, esp. ones that aren't being sold! He's a bitch made faggot, unable to hold his own in a town full of giants. This is the start of his ending... get ready for the ground, pussy. Unsurprisingly, Brit isn't asking for spousal support, and wants him to take his own jewels back. Like this kid bought them. She paid for their rings, right? 'the fuck outta here!

03/What made so fucking called on? Everyone from Nas to The Game is asking this fruitcake for beats, like his shit don't stink. Come on, "lovely lady lumps"? All of the sudden, niggas like Michael Jackson come out of the woodworks, saying that will is doing good shit and wants to work with him. Nigga, please, you want that cake. Don't try to patronize me, acting like this fucker is detrimental to the music scene. Shit don't make sense. Instead of paying dope producers money, we get the "I Love My Bitch" creator to direct the Black Music Brigade. I want a refund.

04/The Borat movie is fucking hilarious, and it's also going to cost the filmmakers. says that there are a few people who fell for the "prankster" and got drunk before going on screen and acting like assholes, and they want to get paid. I haven't seen the film yet, but I can only imagine what they said... take it in stride, bitches. I mean, if you have the balls to even think the shit you say, back it the fuck up. Why be weak and try to get caked off after the fact? Ho ass homos.

05/Katt Williams got arrested this week, served a few days, and got released over a "stolen, concealed weapon" found in his luggage. Now, I love Katt, and he was the one to talk about haters being needed... are people really trying to test him on some real shit? I sure hope not -- that nigga packs the hot rocks! It's all good though, my nigga is out and is out to host the BET Hip-Hop Abortio-- I mean Hip-Hop Awards.

06/I want to take the time out to reflect on some of the lives the world has lost this week: Jack Palance, aka old dude from City Slickers, passed away. I didn't know too many flicks he made, but he was in the first Batman movie, so he gets the uptmost respect. In a real shock to the R&B community, Gerald Levert died from a heart attack at age 40. I don't know if it was the fact that he died from a heart attack or that this nigga was only 40, but mad heads are saddened by his passing. I mean shit, this nigga wrote Barry White's "Practice What You Preach", as well as making it big with the 80s hit "Casanova". My mom hated songs like this, but she still checked for dude, so that meant something. You're be sorely missed, G. Finally, RIP goes out to Ed Bradley, who succombed to lukemia this week at the age of 65. He held it down on 60 Minutes, forever immortalized on Chris Rock's last CD. He will be missed as well. Moment of silence for all 3 of those dons...


07/SoundSlam let loose a rumor that Foxy Brown might be getting the cold shoulder from Def Jam, mainly due to her lack of output for her next album. I mean, when Jigga says you ain't productive, take notice... but then again, the bitch is deaf. When part of your job involves being able to hear music and YOURSELF, how you gonna scrutinize. Maybe she needs to do some other shit. Go feed the kids or be on Celebrity Paranormal Project shows.

08/Raekwon finally went to an official (read: VH1) outlet to let it be known that his Cuban Linx 2 LP is definitely going to be coming on Aftermath. Slated to drop beats, aside from the RZA, are Dr. Dre, J Dilla and Scram Jones, among others. How this can be seen as a good thing is beyond me... good idea, great press, but will it mean another classic? If it ain't helmed by the '94 RZA, Rae and Ghost, nah IMHO.

09/Since I'm in a situation with this broken oil heater in my rented home, I figured I'd take my wife's advice and let you guys know how to stay warm sans heater. IMO it's all about the under-$20 electric heaters you can find @ Walmart and other quality stores... trust.

10/I've been slacking on my LOST coverage, but I HOPE you guys caught the "Fall Season Finale" this past Wednesday... good ol' Doc @ EW's Popwatch blog provided his theory on what he thinks is going on... deep shit, and I agree with many points he made. I still feel it will be on some totally OTHER shit, but who knows...

11/Don't serve your employees dog food: this black firefighter just won $2.7Mil from LA's courts for being served dog food-laced spaghetti by his apparently racist white employees. More power to him. I mean really, that's some disgusting shit, and I doubt they just gave him damn near $3Mil for this one incident... I imagine he got fucked with plenty of times over the years. I do think it's odd that none of the guys involved were fired... this "on leave with pay" bullshit make a nigga want to take the law into their own hands. Good for black dude.

12/The Fader made an interesting point on a new DJ Premier mixtape... it looks like Primo has a sticker on the mixtape cover saying that this was made 100% with turntables, no CDJs, yadda yadda, basically emphasizing the "real Hip-Hop" aesthetic he lives by. That's all well and good, but the majority of the tracks on there are exclusives, and 9 times out of 10, they aren't cut to vinyl or any other format as of yet commercially. Fader then suggested that he's kind of a hypocrite for this, because hell, if the tunes aren't on vinyl, what'd he mix them with? Abelton? Or did he cut them to CD and use CDJs? My thing is this, though: vinyl cutters are readily available for DJs/producers with bread. It's not that hard to imagine Primo having a dub cutter in his grasp and putting new tunes to wax for his mix. I need to hear the tape though.

Well, that's all folks... aside from the odd Tamia interview for my R&B loving heads. She's fly, and her new CD is out there... wifey didn't ask me to take it off her iPod yet, so it must be half way decent. Peep game. I'll leave you guys with a new promo viddy from the Wired Weird collective... until next time:

Friday, November 10th 2006 playlist

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*sigh* This weekend will be the start of that new shit, the good life, or maybe just the life where I get back to do everything and nothing at once. Not having a job makes your days drag on so quickly. In any case, peep the new tunes...

01/Juggaknots ft. Slick Rick "Vows" [Oh No produced gem from this solid album. Gotta love the family affairs.]
02/Jay-Z "H To The Izzo (Nappy & Beat Bully Mash-Up)" [watch out for the Wired Weird shit. More info on that when I get it.]
03/The Game ft. Mad Heads "It's Okay (One Blood) (Remix)" [gotta love 11minute love fests set to Junior Reid samples.]
04/UFO ft. Lea "Something Out There (Twisted Anger Remix)" [loving dnb like it's '00.]
05/Jadakiss ft. Swizz Beatz "Thug It On Out" [no audio, for I dunno when/where this one is droppin', but it's like 2k6 Ruff Ryder sound.]
06/Saburuko "Latency" [NYC by way of UK, and nothing but good music.]
07/Fat Joe ft. The Game "Breathe & Stop" [more Game over reggae samples? Say it ain't so!]
08/Kidz In The Hall "Wassup Jo" [the return of Rawkus?]
09/Silent Witness & Break ft. Fierce "Knife Point [solid tune off a dope CD.]

Peep the 1993 Fat Joe classic here... one of my fav joints of his EVER!

Then or Now? I choose then, but I can't help it, you gotta flow, Joe!

Now, as we wait for his LP, here's Styles' biggest solo single (arguably)... this blew the fuck up that summer! Be ez, people.

The Buffet Line

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Well, we all know that I am trying to make some money. With 3 seeds in the house, it's hard to live life off of just my paycheck and my wife's paychecks alone. In comes The Buffet Line, our eBay store. You know why we call it "The Buffet Line"? Simply, we envision it to be a spot where you can load up on various types of items and such, kind of like the Chinese buffet restaurants you see all over the place.

We are unloading a serious amount of stuff in the coming weeks (months/years/etc.), from various computer accesories and things to loads of books, clothes, appliances and (possibly) CDs and such. We need that money to feed our fam, so help us out. If you don't see something you like, pass word to those you know and see if they need something.

Right now, I have a Linksys USB 2.0 Network Adapter up for bid right now. The unit retails at approximately $30, but the starting bid is $10 right now.

If all goes well, this should help ease the blow of these bills... if not, then it's back to the grinding board. Hell, maybe I'll sell mixes? We shall see!

So again, check out The Buffet Line.

the shuffle. [11/04/06]

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"I been crushing the building since Izod socks/so independent, shit, I might buy Koch!" - Jay-Z freestyle swagger.

I wish I had Jigga's steeze sometimes. I mean, he could be me with less $$ than I have, and would still walk tall. I guess actually having money does that to a nigga though... I am just reevaluating life right now, especially with Jay and Nas apparently dropping LPs on the same label about a month apart --- I'll believe it when I see it on my HD. LOL... pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

Anyways, I've been slacking lately. When you figure that I have a gang of interviews to post up (The Enemy from Evol Intent, The Horsemen's FRISKe, TEKDBZ's HoChi), and a few more to work on (Joulz Il Duce, Gridlok, etc), I've been on some slack shit. Thing is, I've been on some LIFE shit. Got a new gig, got a sick kid... got just real life problems. I still haven't seen the latest episode of LOST yet! I do have that news though... follow me!

01/I know you guys see the new iPod shuffle up there. Look at it, shit clips on your lapel and forget about the bitch. And at $80 for a 1GB player, that's a beautiful thing. Almost half the price of the original... sick! PC World reviewed this badboy, and it looks like, as long as you realize you can only do so much, you will be satisfied. Apple also let word out that they are offering an iTunes Latino version for Spanish speaking peeps. They even partnered with Telemundo, so you can check out the ill dance competitions by skimpy-dressed latinas for $1.99. Somebody out there is listening...

02/A word to the wise out there: don't cut line at the falafel joint. This nigga from Short Hills did so, and ended up getting stabbed by some dude with the last name Tayeh. It would have been one thing if dude stabbed him right there at the falafel joint, but nah... both the victim and the stabber drove off and met up later. What kind of shit is that. How do you KNOW you have beef with dude, see him a lil later THAT DAY and not be prepared to get your shit pushed in? I feel sorry for him and his family, but he should have known that crazy Ziad Tayeh was gonna fuck him up over his falafel ordering time.

03/Now this story might get the "HUH!?!" award for 2006. Peep the background: this cop is suing someone he saved. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, this officer got a call to a home where this sheriff's officer was holding a gat, saying he would kill himself. The cop gets there, and has a piece held on him. The suicidal officer was on some "Suicide by cop" shit. After a 45 minute standoff, the cop got the suicidal dude to throw down his weapon and calm. Now, about 1 year later, the cop is suing the suicidal guy for holding a gun on him, the owner of the house for not letting him know what was going on... basically, he can't live on pension alone. My question is this: when I worked at Circuit City, I didn't think about suing them for getting yelled at by customers. I worked customer service, that's a part of the job. How is a cop going to sue someone for endangering their life? I mean, I get it, you had a piece pulled on you. That's some traumatic shit, and if you need $5400 per month for the rest of your life, hey, live well. How you gonna come back and sue the nigga you saved? Your hero status is plummeting...

04/There are a load of crazy stories that flood the newswaves each week. I like trying to figure out where the story originated when I hear the headline. Wifey told me that this guy raped his mother to get revenge on his brother, and after the initial shock of her seriousness, I told her this was from the South. Word is I was right... this fucking Alabama teen raped his mother in their trailer. How the fuck you could get on top of your own drunk mother and proceed to have sex with her is one thing... how you can continue doing it after she comes to and is like GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME is another. Now, there's been no real reasoning explained, aside from him getting back at his brother (what the fuck is THAT all about), but if this guy isn't hung for this travesty, I will lose my faith in the US Judicial System.

05/Word to my Illadelphia weed smoking niggas... you need to start copping your Blunts and Dutch Masters by the box. Philly is apparently trying to ban the sale of cigars in packages fewer than six. Funny thing about that is, aside from packs, I didn't know niggas bought like 2 pcks of blunts. Most of my peeps would by single cigars or whatever. You know how that goes, though, Trenton tried to crack down on the sale of those lil bullshit roses in glass stems that crackheads would cop to make pipes and shit. I just don't get it, though. I mean, you have stores dedicated to alcohol, which helps kill more people than a little bit, but you fuck with the niggas who smoke weed, which kills no one. Weed alone does not kill a soul, unless I'm missing someone, and if I had no responsibilities or care in the world, I'd be chiefing right now. Stop the hate on cigars and let niggas puff.

06/For those of you who are still fans of Kanye West after his ridiculous tirade at the MTV Europe Music Awards are full of shit. I mean, dog, you took the Best Hip-Hop award, no? Why do you honestly think that "Touch The Sky" deserved BEST VIDEO?!?! Then the nigga is like "this is the best video I saw all year"... shit, I say my son is the cutest thing on the planet, but I helped make him! You can't spend $1Mil on your video then be like its the best shit out there... once you wrote the check, you took yourself out of that equation, dickhead.

07/Speaking of Hip-Hop, let's round-up a load of the news out there: 50 Cent is set to play his dream role, a fucking pig, in the latest De Niro flick being produced. Fucking snitch ass nigga. The LOX's Styles P had his album pushed back, AGAIN, to later in the month of December. Between him and the Clipse, that real crack shit is getting no love on a commercial level. One of my favorite MCs ever, J-Live, gave The Fader an interview, even though he dissed your's truly for the now-defunct "The Flow" e-zine. I ain't mad at him, lemme get that album though! XXL has also leaked their Jay-Z interview, which should be hitting the shelves on the 7th... something like that. I can't wait, I'm loving Jigga again! Yo, just because you are Busta Rhymes, that does not mean you will be beneath getting a ticket for driving whilst talking on a cell. Shit, you are Busta Rhymes, what the fuck you driving for?! I hope Beanie Sigel gets over this double hernia shit... I wonder if he slims down, will that help him work better? I need a new Beans LP! I also really hope that Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame... I will protest each and every year if they don't get in. Oh and to end this Hip-Hop news, Saigon finally figured he should try and drop his LP without waiting for Just Blaze to stop buying video games. Smart move... until Papoose comes out.

08/Peace to Bob Barker, who announced he will be retiring from "The Price Is Right" after 50 years deep. Good luck to him. That show won't be the same without him. I predict it being canceled or sent to the CW shit (which is worse?) about 3 yrs after his departure. They don't even know who can hold his hosting jock. I hope it's someone worthwhile. I love Plinko.

09/MySpace pulled down their skirt and got in bed with the Industry this week, proclaiming that anyone with copyrighted material (mainly music) will get their accounts deleted. What's wrong with free promotion? I mean really, are there 16 yr olds out there with copyright material getting deals off of their fav songs being on their profile? Lighten the fuck up!

10/In yet ANOTHER story of priests taking their positons way too far, this evangelical faggot admitted this week that, admist many rumors, he had improper relations with another man. Now, he tried to clean it up, saying he only paid for a massage and copped meth off the dude. Yo, I don't let no dude touch me in that manner at all... shit, a nig is lucky he gets a handshake! Why not just say "I smoked crystal with him and he rubbed my dick"? Stand up and admit it all, or look like a super chump.

11/For my last bit of news, can you lot believe that a Tom Cruise struck a deal with United Artists!? We'll see how far this goes, but UA, this is not the same Tom you got paid with over Rain Man. Consider your dumb asses warned.

Well, that's all my peoples. It's kind of late, and I have to see my bed at some point. I'll scream at you some more in the very near future, but I will leave you with this...

Had to represent some Jadakiss after my nigga Nappy hit me with the new Jada shit... "Thug It On It"... wait for it. New mixtapes from him and me forthcoming. Peep the Wired Weird collective. Watch this space for more info. Be good, peeps.

Loosie All-Stars: Champion Hoods Mixtape!

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That damn Loosie Music Promo Monkey hit me on my gmail with this mixtape masterpiece the other day... Word is that Spec Boogie, Von Pea and Elucid gobbled up a shitload of CLASSIC '90s instrumentals ("Can't Stop The Prophet", "Shadowboxin'", "Tried By 12", and one of my personal favorites, Onyx's "Last Dayz") and just spat flame over the whole thing. I mean, for you legions of mid-90s stuck Hip-Hop fans (I'm looking at you, okayplayer), this is a fucking GEM of a treat. Peep the tracklisting, and get an idea of the tunes they murk:

Champion Hoods Tracklisting

01 Champion Hood Intro
02 Shadowboxing
03 Superstar
04 Iced Down Medallions
05 Brooklyn Kids
06 Can't Stop the Chopping
07 Loosie-La
08 Diner's Club Era
10 Tried by 12 (feat. Lek)
11 Tonight's Da Night
12 Code of the Streets
13 Loosie or Leave it Alone
14 Breakadawn
15 Criminology
16 Last Dayz
Whoa. Want to get this for free? Well, download from rapidshare or megaupload. Check out the Loosie website or their MySpace page, give them props, dload the mix and put it on a cassette tape and walkman that bitch about. Serious throwback music, nuff respect.

Friday, November 3rd 2006 playlist

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With my extended walkman and discman adventures this week, I've been lax on the new music, but here is a list of leaks and beats that I've dug in the last hour:


01/Ghostface Killah ft. Trife Da God "Good" [leak from Ghost's upcoming More Fish album.]
02/Spirit "Axis" [the man drops dubbed out spacefunk on his own label. One of the tracks of the year, seriously.]
03/Rick Ross ft. Bun B, Jadakiss, Styles P & The Game "Push It (Remix)" [some of my fav above-ground MCs out there. Gotta love remixes like this/]
04/Nas "The N" [not sure how I feel about this yet... I mean I love new Nas, of course... but is this the best out there?]
05/Nas "Hip Hop Is Dead" [and tracks like this, produced by, killed it. this uses the same sample Nas jacked for "Thief's Theme", which is kind of a buzzkill. And the singing in the chorus is trash.]
06/Termanology ft. Nas "How We Live" [now this is more like it. Minnie Ripperton samples used nicely... even if A Tribe Called Quest used this a while ago. Very dope track.]
07/The Game ft. Nas "Why You Hate The Game" [produced by Just Blaze. Game drops the 7th, but the leak is out there. also features the Marsha chick from Floetry. 9 Minutes of heat... solid.]
08/Bachelors of Science "Jah No Dead" [shouts out to my dude Neil over at the Horizons Music Group. Big up the Crisis Recordings...]
09/Jay-Z "Hot 97 Freestyle Oct 30th 2006" [8 minutes of heat on Funk Flex's show. "So independent, shit I might buy Koch!"... AND HE RIPS UP GRAMMY FAMILY! Also, check out this interview with Jay speaking on Jimmy Jones... can't wait for the LP.]
10/Survival "Keep It Coming" [Survival's first 12" for Shogun Audio (well, Shogun Limited). One of the best to come out in 2k6, seriously.]

No mixes this week, niggas. Sorry. I'm on some Jay shit right now, I'll leave you with this:

On Jay-related news, check out Rizoh's post on the Kingdom Come tracklisting. Also, vote for Eskay to bring us the Kingdom Come news Live from Ibiza... say word! Bloggers, unite!

Lucy Diamonds' New Life


What up world? I've been on my grind like Spec Boogie lately, but I wanted to hit you guys with some info from the last artist I interviewed, Lucy Diamonds (peep that interview here). She hit me up on the e-mail to let me know that her crusade against the one like Jay-Z is over. She seems to be celebrating this with a new track, "New Life", created with Aasim, the man who pretty much co-everythinged Diddy's "Press Play", for good or ill. It's a pretty introspective track, just pouring out your emotions, fears, and everything else onto the beat. Peep Lucy in her own words:

First off, I spoke to Jay-Z and my whole negative crusade towards him is over. I personally apologized to him and his mother, so it's time for me to move on. I can't allow myself to be caught up in my own personal and sinful conflict.

It's time for me to turn over a new leaf, and with that said; I wanted to let you know about my new song called, "New Life"

Well, that pretty much says it all. Peep this exclusive MySpace one-week leak HERE, and let Lucy know what you think.

Shouts to Lucy for the kite, it's appreciated. Big up to Aasim for making Diddy sound good again. One.

the shuffle. [10/28/06]

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One of these Saturdays, I will return to my regularly scheduled shuffle. From getting fired to spending the weekend in the hospital due to my son's RSV and Pneumonia bitch slap, my blog writing time is nil. I did find a temp job at this spot that, if pimped well, I can work into a long-lasting thing. Holla.

Anyways, let's get some of these links unloaded, so I can get to sleep tonight:

* You gotta love how Steve Irwin's manager gets pissed about a line in a Ras Kass diss to The Game, making Ras write an editorial about it, but this gets no shine compared to Rush Limbaugh marking on Michael J. Fox's disease. What a disgusting fatbody. Big up to Mike Fox.

* C-Murder is not allowed to promote his upcoming album; Jermaine Dupri gets out of Virgin while Janet's sales flop (who DIDN'T see that one coming?); Jay Hov said he ain't leaving Def Jam for doink; why does Alchemist carry a gun?; the man who shot Proof gets a $2G fine; and what the fuck were those Chicken Noodle niggers doing witnessing a shooting?

Aiight; I'm out like Shout, niggas. Be easy.

Friday, October 27th 2006 playlist

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For the time being, my mp3 player is stuck on stupid, so I am taking it back to the portable tape player. Holla at me. No big words, just big beats. Check me...


01/AZ ft. M.O.P. "Sit 'Em Back Slow" [who produced this? I wanna say the First Fam crew, but who knows. This one is grimey, Big up the underground, can't wait for that AZ album!]
02/Trick Daddy "I Pop" [Trick is the shit when it comes to vulgar nonsense... the beat is so simplistic, but so infectious. Pump it up!]
03/Dillinja "Gangbang (remix)" [been waiting for this one for the last couple of years... nothing less but stunning. Screw the Dilly haters, too.]
04/Deadly Habit "Blue Collar Depression" [you gotta love when someone hates a genre like dubstep so hard, then comes out and gets bit by the bug, and churns out a truly ill piece of bass terror. Big up D Habs.]
05/Jay-Z "Lost Ones" [Jigga on that reflective shit. Nice piano bop, good to hear him break down shit so smoothly.]
06/Wise Intelligent "Mr. Rocket Launcher" [Oh No produced this banger from one of Trenton's finest. Gotta love truth on the mic and fire on the beat. So easy.]
07/Mark One "Think Tank" [the producer behind the Virus Syndicate crew, Mark One drops a fucking space-out dubstep epic from last year. Gotta love digging into a pretty new genre.]
08/The Game "Sound Scan" [he cracks me up. Why he felt the need to read off the whole list, instead of just dissing on how much Lloyd Banks sucks, who knows... but whatever, loving it.]
09/Brookes Brothers "Rainman" [peep the Q&A, and then dload a taste of the future of DnB. Runnin'.]
10/Twisted Individual "Vegetarian Meat Mash" [DnB's TI knows how to take that basic sound and make it eek out soul and flavor. Lovin' the strings in the background as well.]

I gave you my mixes yesterday, among other things, and I have to skate like NOW, so I'll end this here. One love.

thursday mash

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Nothing too crazy going on right here... more of a mash-up of things going on in my life, in my head, and in our environment.

I read today on DOA that G.C. Coleman of the mighty Winstons died recently, or was it that recent? The wikipedia page on him says that he passed in "early 2006", and I can't find a proper page online detailing his passing. In any case, my condolences go out to his family, the surviving Winstons, and all lovers of the Amen Break.

In other news, Clinton Sparks has a FREE mixtape in promotion of the new NBA 2K7 soundtrack, compiled by the mighty Dan the Automator. You have to use iTunes to dload it, but it has loads of exclusives and sick jams. Check it out, it's well worth it.

Alix Perez has made his September 1Xtra Guest Mix available for download for FREE (download : tracklisting). There is a serious load of dubplate pressure, spanning loads of sounds. Alix is one to look out for in the 2k7, get familiar.

Did anyone catch LOST last night? Probably one of the best episodes in a while... the other eps are great, but this one set the tone. Beautiful use of everyone's personalities. Full recap to come.

I start a new job tomorrow, which means I have to get up super early, which I'm not feeling, but this will be the foot in the door of a company with longevity. Soon, my son, soon.

I'll holla at you goons tomorrow with the weekly playlist... one.

Cassidy vs. Freeway - FREESTYLE BATTLE!


You guys ever see/hear this massacre before? Cassidy and Freeway, back in the day, before both of them got in the limelight, the Full Surface and Roc-A-Fella fams locked into the studio for some shit, and Cass battled Free. Cass murks Free, don't get it twisted, and hearing his lines make me wish he can get well and get back on the mic ASAP! Peep game:

Part 1

Part 2

You gotta love how Freeway sounds like ASS acapella, asking "throw a beat on!" This is old, but you gotta love YouTube. Enjoy this.

rat race

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"Rat race!
Oh, it's a disgrace
To see the human-race
In a rat race, rat race!"

-Bob Marley

You gotta love it... I always seem to find myself in these situations, where my job is gone, and my family is going broke because of my lack of employment. This wouldn't be a problem if employers acted in their namesake and employed. I sat at a job for a year and 5 months, busting my ass, hardly sitting 30 minutes at a time in my desk due to the receptionist needing smoke breaks, all the while the work that I am supposed to be performing for 1/2 a day turns into a full days work, meaning I neglect the fucking stack of files/boxes that I was originally employed to do in the first place! Nevermind the polotics of my main supervisor being buddy buddy with a shady bitch who will smile in your face one minute and apply heel to back in the next... even to her own homegirl! Nevermind the fact that I sat next to a woman who started ordering her lunch at 10AM, and walked out of the job one day because she paid too much attention to work that was not significant, getting so frustrated over a file that she stormed out, before she "killed herself, or someone else". Nevermind the fact that they fired me over some bullshit. I can be over all of this nonsense, my so-called "lack of productivity", my "making excuses" when I was just explaining myself to them. My problem now, right now, is the fact that I either have too much experience, or not enough experience. I have a solid background in being a fast-fucking-learner, adapting to changes and new ideas in an instant; why can I not express this to employers? Why shit on the kid? And if I end up NOT receiving unemployment benefits because of some shit they put on my record, hell will rise up.

I applied for a bunch of jobs today. One company, a local insurance place, has turned me down 3 times already. I applied again, wishing it's not a #4. The last time I was there, they told me I had too much experience, and thought I wouldn't stay in the position if I got it. I mean, let's say that was a problem, is wanting to advance and get ahead a BAD thing? The thing is, I would have been perfectly comfy in that spot -- hell, I ended up doing the same thing as a temp.! I end up sending out resumes and cover letters to places that probably won't hire me, because I need to feel like I am trying. And I am trying. For I need money. This is the plight of the unemployed.

It'd be easier if I had 1) a college degree, or 2) a car. I could open up my spectrum so wide if I had at least one of those. Alas, I have neither, and end up chained to the bus route. Woop woop.

So, say a prayer for your unemployed floyd over here. I need something... anyone hiring? Hit me up, I'll flick you my resume pronto. And if someone is willing to pay me for some work-at-home shit, I'm MORE THAN READY. And now, for some videos:

The Specials "Rat Race"

Mr. Lif "Because They Made It That Way"

Sage Francis vs. Akrobatik "Super Bowl MC Battle '99"

How we went from Bob Marley to Akro, I do not know. Be safe.

the shuffle. [10/21/06]...

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I missed the bus. I was destined to talk about a bunch of shit, from the whole Fabolous getting shot/arrested for his boys stealing Sebastian Telfair's chain to the trials and tribs of ghetto parties. George Michael getting high on TV, Apple's iPod turning 5 and the new info on the next 2Pac album were also up on the chopping block. Alas, I took a long-ass trip with my boy up to Mass. to pick up the Chevy Caprice Classic he won on eBay (it looks something like this). It has been a long week, and I am in no mood to recap the lives of niggas I could give a fuck about. I apologize for not giving you my weekly dose on the wack world we live in, but until I find a new job and get out of this funk, it might be a bit before I am back on my shit. I mean, I will do my best to do my best, but I'm going through some shit right now. And don't even get me started on the latest episode of LOST... GD POLAR BEARS! And big up to that Geronimo Jackson name-check. (What, you ain't up on Geronimo Jackson!?)

I do want to give a shout out to my boy Russ; he's helped me out in a rough time, and I am in debt to him for that one. I got that Styles P for you, my duke. And I will have a new, fresh and funky edition of the shuffle for you guys very soon... until then...

Soon come.

Friday, October 20th 2006 playlist

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Been a crazy week... got fired from my job, got some great news about my son (his head's AG), and my mp3 player is damn near non-playable. I have loads of new music but haven't really listened to it. Seriously. I haven't even watched the new episode of LOST, let alone get into some new music. And I'm out of town for the majority of this weekend (my shuffle should still be coming tomorrow, but we'll see). So, no list this week, but I do have a link to a sick DnB mix from the one like Heist. I do have a special mix forthcoming... and some other goodies. These next couple of weeks are kind of depressing until I get a new job... I'll get at you tomorrow.

Buy me a Treo!

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Well, not really, but I need something... you see, I keep losing ideas and what not for this blog, and other aspects of my life!

It's my own fault, honestly. Aside from some of my past indulgences, I just have a load of thoughts going through my head that makes it hard for me to remember everything. For example, I put all three of the "Crooklyn Dodgers" joints in my Zen and walked to the bus stop. I'm sitting there, reminiscing and digesting all that is being said, as well all that is being implied in those tracks, and their places in the spectrum of Hip-Hop history. I was really in a zone, breaking down themes, beats, recurring elements, the whole 9, and relaying that into this new track produced by 9th Wonder... and by the time I got on the bus, got to work, and sat down at the PC to piece some of it together... I lost it. I do that a lot, mainly because my best ideas come in the moment, and it's hard to resurrect that shit after the fact. When I write reviews, they are mulled over and "zingers" (cool lines or great points I come up with) are noted in advance, but the actual bulk of the post writes itself right then and there, helped by a lil libation. That's how I have always done it... and if I want to keep up this blog, I might have to switch it up.

Now, being a father of 3 at this point in my life, my money is really funny... eh, not so much funny as not in my bank account. I have found ways to combat this, but still and all, we can barely rub two stick together after all of our bills are paid, let alone going out and copping expensive things like PDAs and phone plans (gotta love Virgin Mobile). That's where you come in: what service would you like to grab, for a fee, to help me purchase a Treo? What would you like in return for helping me advance my art? Would you like a Dub Session Mixtape of your favorite "Brooklyn" tracks? A poem devoted to your loved one? Let a niggy know... and no, I am not on some "I'll give you a fish pen for your red paper clip" type shit, but I mean, if I created a series of mixes, or gave you some ad space on this here blog... what would it take for you to cop me a Treo?

Let me know... either in the comments, or hit me on the e-mail.

LOST, Season 3: "The Glass Ballerina" [recap]

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First off, I want to apologize for this recap not being up on Thursday of last week... I wasn't around Thursday to complete it, and it sat by the wayside... peep the funny thing about this recap. I had a good 3 full paragraphs done, but my son woke up. I hit the "save as draft" button on Blogger, and for some reason I lost everything! So, check out the recaps from Lostpedia and MSNBC. I apologize for this one, but I am too tired to give you a half-assed 2nd attempt at perfection (lol nah, but the zingers I had were lost). Maybe I'll get it right next week... until then, namaste.