Mark Price year

A quarter of a century... that's how old I turned today. It's kind of crazy, you know? I mean I don't feel any older than I did yesterday, but with the way my life has changed in the last 5 years, I feel about 10 years older than my I.D. says I am.

I've seen a lot of things... from 9/11 to Flavor of Love. From Jay-Z Vs. Nas to Jay-Z signed Nas. Two Iraqi "wars", DJ Shadow going from the antithesis of commercial Hip-Hop to, well, producing commercial Hip-Hop. The birth of my son to the death of comedy's son. Life is real...

In any case, I try to model each year of my life in the mentality of a NBA player whose jersey number is the same as the number of years I have been on this earth. Mark Price is a good choice. Check his track record; then check out the fact that he sat the bench for his first year, then when he got to start, he rinsed each and every year, and holds a gang of records and is all-time NBA in a number of standings. That will be me, in this blog shit and my life. Cool and comfy on the underbelly, then exploding on the scene the next year (wait for March 2007)... follow me.

In terms of plans for tonight, LOST is on tonight (peep their first audio podcast for Season 3), and it looks to be action-packed. I'll have either a six-pack of Heineken or a 40 of Mickey's (I'm undecided), and some good family time. Loving my wife, wanna shout her out for bringing a nigga some cupcakes. And lunch. Gotta love her for that one! I do want to send a gasface to the rain out there. Very normal for my bday though. *Sigh*

Got some ish forthcoming for the blog... review of the new Hi-Tek album coming soon... interview with TEKDBZ's Hochi... possibly a review of Lloyd Banks' Rotten Apple, and some other ish under wraps. Keep it locked, and shout me a bday holler if you want.

So long, and thanks for all of the shit.


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