LOST, Season 3: "A Tale Of Two Cities" [recap]

God damn, yo, here we go again... another new season of one of the most complex and compelling shows on TV, LOST. And they continue to pile it on THICK for us devoted fans...

This episode showed us a different side of the island, literally... we saw the random community the Others have built in the middle of the jungle. Nestled deep in the jungle, they delve into Stephen King novels (Carrie?) in book club, burn muffins, have plumbing problems, and plot to infiltrate the camps of survivors of a huge plane crash... you know, just a typical day. The main "Others" are all there, from fake beard Tom to fake Henry Gale, who has been referred to as "Ben" in this episode for the first time. There is a new female we are intro'd to, Juliette, who seems to have had some type of a falling out or disagreement with Ben, for they share sideways glances, even though he is the leader. Their peaceful day was disrupted by Oceanic Flight 815's crash, which kind of set us in the zone of seeing at least this chunk of the story through the eyes of these "Others". Ben went right into dictator mode, alerting both Goodwin and Ethan to scope the survivors, gather lists, and get plans into action. We know what happened to those two though, right?

The flashback of this episode circled around Jack's descent into lunacy over the identity of his wife's lover. He was seen stalking her, jacking numbers off of her phone and trying to find that dude. His father ended up in the mix, for Jack found out Sarah called him, seemingly for support. Jack saw his Pop on the phone, smiling and talking, which lead him to follow Dad to his AA meeting by mistake. In a fit of rage, he accused Daddy of sleeping with Sarah, which we find out is not the case. He tackles Dad and spends some time in jail -- there's goes the 50+ days of sobriety! Sarah tells Jack to give up his search with an interesting line: "it's not about who he is, but who you are not", which mirrors a comment Juliette makes to Jack...

"It's not about who we were, but who we are now". Chew that one out for a bit... speaking of present day, Jack has been separated from his friends Sawyer and Kate, and all 3 have seen some odd shit. Kate was given a shower and an oceanside breakfast with Ben, although she had to wear handcuffs. They did not match the beautiful dress she wore, though... when she asked why he was doing that for her, he bluntly told her that the next few weeks will be unpleasant, and he wants her to hold on to some good times. Did I mention how chilling dude is? He also tried to plant some seeds and dig for some love-triangle information, asking her why she put Sawyer's name first when asking about Sawyer and Jack...

Sawyer was thrown into a cage built for bears, originally, and spent the majority of the episode trying to decipher how to eat (you gotta put a rock on the step lever, then push the button, THEN hit the top lever with your shoe), which consisted of a meal of pellets, water, and a DHARMA fish biscuit. Cute. Some dude was put in the cage across the way, but somehow managed to pick his and Sawyer's locks and attempt an escape. Juliette found Sawyer in the woods and zapped him in the neck. He was properly put back in his cage, and the young dude (was he down with DHARMA?) apologized for involving Sawyer in his escape plan. Strange... after all of this commotion, Kate is then put in the cage across from Sawyer, with noticable wounds on her wrists from the handcuffs (or did they do something else to her), and Sawyer shares his biscuit. You could see her eyes being 2 seconds from total meltdown, but she held it together.

Jack, however, received the craziest time of all. He was locked in this weird room, with nothing but a table, a broken(?) communication box and some chains. The one wall was clear, but hard, for he could not kick through it. Juliette would speak to him on the other side, exchanging questions and trying to establish trust over grilled cheese. We find out that not only is she a doctor, but the Others have links to the outside world. Juliette had a fucking dossier full of info on Jack's life, from schooling on through to why he was in Sydney. He painfully asked if his wife was OK, which Juliette replied yes. During their "getting-to-know-you", we find out that the Others MIGHT have been DHARMA operatives at some point. We also know that the place where Jack and Juliette are speaking is another station, called "The Hydra", probably due to the fact that it is underwater (which Jack found out after repeatedly refusing to open the one door that held back the water, almost drowning himself and Juliette, which Ben seemed to not care about). The Others also don't live in those ragtag clothes that they wanted you to think they wore; they are definitely a lot more sophisticated about things. And they have eyes and ears all over, whether it's cameras or covert ops. All we know is that our LOSTies are in for some shit they haven't even BEGUN to understand... and some questions that still need answering (who really ARE the Others? Why do they capture and seemingly study Jack, Kate and Sawyer? what happened to Desmond? did Michael and Walt really escape? the question stream is ENDLESS!)

Now, onto the preview: we see that Saayid has concerns about where Jack and the others are, and sets to find them with Sun and Jin via sailboat. The Others had no idea they had the boat, but sends out Tom and crew to stop them. The quick cuts showed some gunfire, with Sun possibly falling from the boat/getting bucked? Who knows. It looks like we will be reacquainted with the people we grew to know and love the 1st two seasons, to see their reactions to the big BOOM from the Season 2 finale. Can't wait.

The shit has just hit the fan, people... grab your umbrellas.

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Anonymous said...

good rap-up / commentary.

i didnt catch the parallel you mentioned re the 2 things the women said to jack.

it's good to have the show back.

i think lost and weeds are my only must-see shows at the moment.