LOST Season 3 premieres tonight!

First off, for those who missed out on the LOST Experience ARG, check out the main piece found, this video detailing some of what DHARMA is after:

If you need more information on the LOST Experience ARG, check out The Lost Experience Clues blog. Your best bet, if you want to follow it in order, is to check it out backwards.

So tonight is the big night, eh? We get to find out what Jack, Kate and Sawyer are in for with The Others. Remember, this season will be a core 6 episode start, then a hiatus, to be brought back next year with a full run, i.e. NO RERUNS AT ALL. While LOST is on hiatus, some new TV show will appear... crazy.

In any case, nobody call or message me from 9PM-10PM EST, for I will be on the island. Expect my recap sometime tomorrow.

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yo thanks for the shine. you know we got you.