More Virus than Virus!

How can Gridlok out 'Virus' Ed Rush & Optical? Easily... by releasing his slammin' Break The System album. Compared to their new disc, Chameleon, Gridlok might be the go-to guy for that dark, hard, grimey neuro sound. And who said stateside DnB is shit?

It's just hard to believe that guys like Ed Rush, Optical and Matrix, while showing signs of their older ways, have developed into the antithesis of what a lot of people feel their music stood for. It went from taking chances and doing it for themselves to what at least sounds like they are trying to cater to the dancefloor exclusively? For some (many?), this is a hard pill to swallow... but with albums like Gridlok's, as well as the tracks that producers from The Upbeats to SKC, Optiv to Fierce, and not to forget the mighty DNAudio crew, the true Virus sound is not dead at all. It just kind of disheartens many that the pioneers of that shit seem to not give the people what they want, or what has been rumored to be coming... gotta love that Virus Vaults album, though!

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Unknown said...

...and then when the phace LP comes out it'll out-virus EVERYTHING. Standard.