Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday, October 27th 2006 playlist

For the time being, my mp3 player is stuck on stupid, so I am taking it back to the portable tape player. Holla at me. No big words, just big beats. Check me...


01/AZ ft. M.O.P. "Sit 'Em Back Slow" [who produced this? I wanna say the First Fam crew, but who knows. This one is grimey, Big up the underground, can't wait for that AZ album!]
02/Trick Daddy "I Pop" [Trick is the shit when it comes to vulgar nonsense... the beat is so simplistic, but so infectious. Pump it up!]
03/Dillinja "Gangbang (remix)" [been waiting for this one for the last couple of years... nothing less but stunning. Screw the Dilly haters, too.]
04/Deadly Habit "Blue Collar Depression" [you gotta love when someone hates a genre like dubstep so hard, then comes out and gets bit by the bug, and churns out a truly ill piece of bass terror. Big up D Habs.]
05/Jay-Z "Lost Ones" [Jigga on that reflective shit. Nice piano bop, good to hear him break down shit so smoothly.]
06/Wise Intelligent "Mr. Rocket Launcher" [Oh No produced this banger from one of Trenton's finest. Gotta love truth on the mic and fire on the beat. So easy.]
07/Mark One "Think Tank" [the producer behind the Virus Syndicate crew, Mark One drops a fucking space-out dubstep epic from last year. Gotta love digging into a pretty new genre.]
08/The Game "Sound Scan" [he cracks me up. Why he felt the need to read off the whole list, instead of just dissing on how much Lloyd Banks sucks, who knows... but whatever, loving it.]
09/Brookes Brothers "Rainman" [peep the Q&A, and then dload a taste of the future of DnB. Runnin'.]
10/Twisted Individual "Vegetarian Meat Mash" [DnB's TI knows how to take that basic sound and make it eek out soul and flavor. Lovin' the strings in the background as well.]

I gave you my mixes yesterday, among other things, and I have to skate like NOW, so I'll end this here. One love.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

thursday mash

Nothing too crazy going on right here... more of a mash-up of things going on in my life, in my head, and in our environment.

I read today on DOA that G.C. Coleman of the mighty Winstons died recently, or was it that recent? The wikipedia page on him says that he passed in "early 2006", and I can't find a proper page online detailing his passing. In any case, my condolences go out to his family, the surviving Winstons, and all lovers of the Amen Break.

In other news, Clinton Sparks has a FREE mixtape in promotion of the new NBA 2K7 soundtrack, compiled by the mighty Dan the Automator. You have to use iTunes to dload it, but it has loads of exclusives and sick jams. Check it out, it's well worth it.

Alix Perez has made his September 1Xtra Guest Mix available for download for FREE (download : tracklisting). There is a serious load of dubplate pressure, spanning loads of sounds. Alix is one to look out for in the 2k7, get familiar.

Did anyone catch LOST last night? Probably one of the best episodes in a while... the other eps are great, but this one set the tone. Beautiful use of everyone's personalities. Full recap to come.

I start a new job tomorrow, which means I have to get up super early, which I'm not feeling, but this will be the foot in the door of a company with longevity. Soon, my son, soon.

I'll holla at you goons tomorrow with the weekly playlist... one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cassidy vs. Freeway - FREESTYLE BATTLE!

You guys ever see/hear this massacre before? Cassidy and Freeway, back in the day, before both of them got in the limelight, the Full Surface and Roc-A-Fella fams locked into the studio for some shit, and Cass battled Free. Cass murks Free, don't get it twisted, and hearing his lines make me wish he can get well and get back on the mic ASAP! Peep game:

Part 1

Part 2

You gotta love how Freeway sounds like ASS acapella, asking "throw a beat on!" This is old, but you gotta love YouTube. Enjoy this.

rat race

"Rat race!
Oh, it's a disgrace
To see the human-race
In a rat race, rat race!"

-Bob Marley

You gotta love it... I always seem to find myself in these situations, where my job is gone, and my family is going broke because of my lack of employment. This wouldn't be a problem if employers acted in their namesake and employed. I sat at a job for a year and 5 months, busting my ass, hardly sitting 30 minutes at a time in my desk due to the receptionist needing smoke breaks, all the while the work that I am supposed to be performing for 1/2 a day turns into a full days work, meaning I neglect the fucking stack of files/boxes that I was originally employed to do in the first place! Nevermind the polotics of my main supervisor being buddy buddy with a shady bitch who will smile in your face one minute and apply heel to back in the next... even to her own homegirl! Nevermind the fact that I sat next to a woman who started ordering her lunch at 10AM, and walked out of the job one day because she paid too much attention to work that was not significant, getting so frustrated over a file that she stormed out, before she "killed herself, or someone else". Nevermind the fact that they fired me over some bullshit. I can be over all of this nonsense, my so-called "lack of productivity", my "making excuses" when I was just explaining myself to them. My problem now, right now, is the fact that I either have too much experience, or not enough experience. I have a solid background in being a fast-fucking-learner, adapting to changes and new ideas in an instant; why can I not express this to employers? Why shit on the kid? And if I end up NOT receiving unemployment benefits because of some shit they put on my record, hell will rise up.

I applied for a bunch of jobs today. One company, a local insurance place, has turned me down 3 times already. I applied again, wishing it's not a #4. The last time I was there, they told me I had too much experience, and thought I wouldn't stay in the position if I got it. I mean, let's say that was a problem, is wanting to advance and get ahead a BAD thing? The thing is, I would have been perfectly comfy in that spot -- hell, I ended up doing the same thing as a temp.! I end up sending out resumes and cover letters to places that probably won't hire me, because I need to feel like I am trying. And I am trying. For I need money. This is the plight of the unemployed.

It'd be easier if I had 1) a college degree, or 2) a car. I could open up my spectrum so wide if I had at least one of those. Alas, I have neither, and end up chained to the bus route. Woop woop.

So, say a prayer for your unemployed floyd over here. I need something... anyone hiring? Hit me up, I'll flick you my resume pronto. And if someone is willing to pay me for some work-at-home shit, I'm MORE THAN READY. And now, for some videos:

The Specials "Rat Race"

Mr. Lif "Because They Made It That Way"

Sage Francis vs. Akrobatik "Super Bowl MC Battle '99"

How we went from Bob Marley to Akro, I do not know. Be safe.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

the shuffle. [10/21/06]...

I missed the bus. I was destined to talk about a bunch of shit, from the whole Fabolous getting shot/arrested for his boys stealing Sebastian Telfair's chain to the trials and tribs of ghetto parties. George Michael getting high on TV, Apple's iPod turning 5 and the new info on the next 2Pac album were also up on the chopping block. Alas, I took a long-ass trip with my boy up to Mass. to pick up the Chevy Caprice Classic he won on eBay (it looks something like this). It has been a long week, and I am in no mood to recap the lives of niggas I could give a fuck about. I apologize for not giving you my weekly dose on the wack world we live in, but until I find a new job and get out of this funk, it might be a bit before I am back on my shit. I mean, I will do my best to do my best, but I'm going through some shit right now. And don't even get me started on the latest episode of LOST... GD POLAR BEARS! And big up to that Geronimo Jackson name-check. (What, you ain't up on Geronimo Jackson!?)

I do want to give a shout out to my boy Russ; he's helped me out in a rough time, and I am in debt to him for that one. I got that Styles P for you, my duke. And I will have a new, fresh and funky edition of the shuffle for you guys very soon... until then...

Soon come.