Joell Ortiz Shouts Out RTD!

You know, blogging can be a thankless thing sometimes, especially when you're not one of the "bigger" sites out there (whattup Eskay, Shake, Rizoh, etc). It's almost like an "also ran" kind of thing, so when a nigga who you appreciate as an artist takes the time to link to your blog, it's always a good look! I posted up G-Spot's ill Carry The Torch 2 Mixtape, thinking "yo, this is hot, I bet the heads who peep out RTD will be all over this". Never in my wildest dreams did I expect Joell Ortiz to shout me out, from his blog!*

You can't pay for shit like that, when an artist of that caliber reaches out and bigs you up for showing love. I'm not walking around with a big head or anything, but yeah that is some real cool shit. Shouts to Joell Ortiz, and keep checking his site out for his insight on life, Hip-Hop and everything in between.

*EDIT Or at least I thought he did. Word is it was one of his ghost bloggers. Oh well, back to the grind!

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5 Responses to “Joell Ortiz Shouts Out RTD!

jon jon said...


DJ Cable said...

That's a big look!

Rizoh said...

Welcome to prime time!

AaronM said...

I hate to burst your bubble, my man, but I wrote that post. All the posts on the blog have tags. Only those tagged with 'joell' (and categorized as 'site blogs') are written by him.
The rest is done by a team of bloggers, including myself, Dallas Penn, Greg Cee, and Joell's manager, Mike Heron.
Just wanted to clear that up.
I'm drafting a post right now about it.
Thanks for the link love though, of course.

khal said...

damn. burst my bubble all the way. dah well.