Adrienne Bailon... In The Nude?

I'm assuming you guys have heard about 3LW/Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon's nude pics leaking on the internet. Well, semi-nude. While she has a bra on, she does do a few ass shots. Egotastic has the pics. My thing is this: one, you'd think these Disney-affiliated chicks would learn from the past chick's mistakes (although, Vanessa did end up in HSM3, so this might be calculated). 2, what's really good with just taking off her panties? Does she fuck with her bra on, ala Kim Kardashian (maybe Adrienne's boyfriend, Robert Kardashian, saw the porno Kim made and got hooked)? 3rd, yo, she's fly. I'm more of a fan of thick-ass Sabrina, but Adrienne is no slouch at all.

EDIT Looks like homegirl is tryna sue the cats who stole the laptop and leaked the photos. She's also sorry for the photos leaking and fans being upset, although I imagine she's got a shitload of new fans b/c of that ass!

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One Response to “Adrienne Bailon... In The Nude?”

[B]. ®oane said...

man...I've personally thought ole girl was the shit since 3LW first busted through my lil sister's TV...2 thumbs up for Rob Kardashian...lucky bastard.