"Onslaught" Live-Blog

A few things happened since I live-blogged Joe Budden's "Slaughterhouse" track: Jumpoff, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz & Royce Da 5'9 are now a crew called Slaughterhouse, and they've leaked a new cut, entitled "Onslaught". I figured, why not try and live-blog my first listen of this one?

-0:00: Before I get this going, I'm glad Nino Bless isn't on this. Dude is fresh, but he's not really up with these guys...

00:06: Frequency came correct with this beat. Nothing too boisterous, just enough to let them coast over it, effortlessly.

00:19: Damn, Royce is sounding good. I wasn't really into Bar Exam 2, but what can you do.

00:51: "Lil' Wayne's migraine"? I mean, don't put him on that plateau, NickelNine.

01:32: Joe Budden sounds MUCH better on this track.

01:55: So far, this track isn't as hard-hitting, punchline-wise as "Slaughterhouse", but it ultimately flows a lot smoother.

03:03: Maybe I spoke too soon. Crooked I is beasting this right now.

03:20: Why do they keep bringing up Jay-Z? Is it that deep? The only way niggas got past comparing themselves to Biggie was to... wait for it... stop comparing themselves to Biggie.

04:01: ...and once I say that, he mentions 2Pac.

04:21: "got every dot-com in my pocket, and I don't know how to work computers"!??! Ortiz is grimey.

05:00: Rapping about rapping is fun when its done by cats like J-O-E-DOUBLE. Sad thing is, most cats won't let just one hot nigga stay in that lane.

OK, so my thoughts: Ortiz > Budden > Crooked I > Royce. Just how I see it. I love this crew, though. How you seeing it?

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4 Responses to “"Onslaught" Live-Blog”

lite bastard said...

unlike you i differ on nino bless, he should be in the group...shit they talking about putting charles hamilton in it and he's in a different lane than them...so i wouldn't object to have nino over charlie ham... on the song tho fuck shit was hotter than desert twats....never a serious royce fan but now its serious....all others been fan instantly......including nino bless...

khal said...

i'd def choose nino over charles hamilton. and im not trying to diss or knock nino, just in "slaughterhouse", he sounded out of place compared to how lyrical cats like ortiz or royce came on it.

Joulz Il said...

I like the group just how it is. I spazzed out just when I caught the Budden vs Ortiz clip on Youtube. Anytime people get together and inspire me to make good music, I have to show respect. This is much appreciated, maybe now we can start bringing real music back to the forefront.

-Joulz Il

lite bastard said...

@ khal
i get what you saying...but i went over his lyrics and they were on point, i just think he kinda like stutterted stepped with his timing but the shit was still ridiculous...i believe nino has the lyrical ability stay on these cats level...not just hang in there with them.....i wonder how he would've done on the onslaught track... it's still an amazing track tho...feels like i just ate some mentos cause i'm breathing fresh air for weeks now...just anticpating the other joint ventures these dudes got coming out