Mary J. Blige ft. Drake "The One"

Mary J. Blige ft. Drake "The One" (prod. by Darkchild): Something else leaked yesterday before Jay-Z bogarted the game. This is a club bangin', Auto-Tuned romp from Mary and Drizzy. Why Mary is using Auto-Tune is confusing - she can sing! Maybe Jay is onto something...

Props to Nah Right. And check out this Rolling Stone feature on Drake.

Bonus Beats Trey Songz ft. Drake "Invented Sex" [via 2DBz]

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2 Responses to “Mary J. Blige ft. Drake "The One"”

Anonymous said...

this song is horrible!!! the real mary j first single is “Good Love” feat. TI …no one wants to hear the Queen of R&B singing thru autotune and over an outdated track at that…Rodney used the same drums for Megan Rochell and Keyshia..and that was already over 2 years ago…check out “Good Love” and see what mary should sound like ..

Anonymous said...

you crazy this song is hot Mary j Blige is the bomb you horrible yo all these haters go sit down cause you
ain't got nothing on MARY J BLIGE