Thursday, August 20, 2009

B.o.B. Should Have Been My First Album

I see a lot of my peers pussyfooting around the situation that B.o.B. is facing right now. For one reason or another, Bobby Ray doesn't have an album out. How a multi-talented artist, who's garnered buzz and acclaim for days, isn't sitting on at least an EP release while being signed to a major label is beyond me. Atlantic, you've failed yet again to capitalize on a promising individual, and heads have decided to call you on it. Contained in the file below is a .zip that does exactly what it says on the tin - this should have been Bobby Ray's first album. Plays like it: has the popular, commercial-leanin' single ("I'll Be In Da Sky"), has the club/mixshow favorite ("Haterz"), and includes a host of other wicked material that show the complexities of the nigga who wrote it. I'd write more, but you already heard all of these cuts before, and I'm really preaching to the choir. Download and ask yourself: are we really missing out on good music over a fucking 360 deal?

DOWNLOAD B.o.B. Should Have Been My First Album [via 2DBz]


Kid Hum said...

Well put my man. Well put. You should write a manifesto against this 2009 bullshit!!

This years best LP's are all FREE!!