Jay-Z "Ghetto Techno"

Jay-Z "Ghetto Techno" (prod. by Timbaland): So, BP3 leaked. While I won't be blogging more tracks from this, I might have to let one in particular leak. I will say this - it's not a perfect album, but the good songs are really good, while the bad ones are meh. This, however, isn't on the album... it IS, however, sans DJ (although the quality is a bit meh), and was featured in the massive .zip that some cat unleashed on the 'Net about an hour ago. Tsk tsk. Vibe out to this one, and go find that BP3 leak.

I'll be posted the BGDB review of BP3 that Enigmatik and myself wrote when it drops. For now, check out "Hate", which features Kanye West. Dre also posted "Thank You", which is one of my favorites from the album, while Meka posted "A Star Is Born", which features J. Cole, and to top it all off, Splash posted "Empire State Of Mind", which features Alicia Keys, but no Nas. And for some comedy, peep TSS breaking down Memphis Jeeves' thoughts on the BP3 leaks from last week.

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