Maveric "Sniff Me (I'm Dope)"

Maveric "Sniff Me (I'm Dope)" (prod. by Dot Da Genius): Damn; Michael Viner died on the 8th of August, and this is the first "Apache"-sampling track I've received since. You might remember Dot's name from being producer of "Day N Nite", but this is 180 from that one. Maveric represents Brooklyn, and is part of the Faculty Recordings camp, and dude definitely has something going on. Pick up on this one early, as the single officially drops on September 1st - I'm told there's going to be a big push for this one then, so if you're feeling, get in before the others. Shouts to Ryan for this one!

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Anonymous said...

Wow the track is kinda dope! I listined to it 3 times. Can't wait to hear more from this guy.