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Just spotted an "RIP DJ AM" on twitter, did a bit of research, and apparently TMZ is reporting that DJ AM died this morning in New York. He was 36. No word on how or anything.*

What the fuck? It's almost been a year since that tragic plane crash he lived through; I wonder what the story is behind this one.

When I get more info, I'll update this post.

*EDIT TMZ has more info:

Cops tell us DJ AM -- also known as Adam Goldstein -- was found dead this afternoon in New York City.

Law enforcement sources tell us he was found in his apartment at around 5:20 PM.

We're told DJ AM had not been seen or heard from for a few days. We're told one of his friends went to check on him, but got no response after knocking on his apartment door.

We're told the friend called the police, who broke down the door and then found DJ AM's body.

Fuck. EDIT NBC New York picked up on this, too. No new details.

Travis Barker vs. DJ AM
: Fix Your Face \ Fix Your Face Vol. 2

And for what its worth, looks like AM's last tweet was on the 25th of August.

EDIT Another TMZ update:

We're told drug paraphernalia was found at the scene.

Did he OD?

EDIT I was just reading Karen Civil, which mentioned an Intervention special (Gone Too Far) that AM did for MTV is set to air on October 5th:

“I struggled for years as a drug addict and was fortunate to get help when I asked for it. I have managed to live a clean and sober life, something that takes work and something that I pride myself on. Gone Too Far’ is my platform to help people, like I was helped by giving back in a way. … We wanted to show how real it gets and what can happen if you don’t get help.”

Promoting the show in Los Angeles earlier this summer, Adam Goldstein told TV critics, “I’ve been a recovering addict for 11 years, and the only way I view sobriety: The only way I can keep it is if I give it away.” He also said that surviving the plane crash, which killed other passengers, is “something that I struggle with every day, you know, kind of wondering. But I’ve just realized I’m never really going to know. I’m alive, and I’m here, and I have another chance. So I have to do something better with my life this time.”

I'm hoping any "drug" info is purely speculation, but who knows. If you believe the NY Post, a crack pipe and prescription pill bottles were found in the apartment. I don't even know.

This past Wednesday, Phrequency posted an interview with AM.

DJ AM LIVE at Electric Daisy Carnival 2009

Pase Rock vs. DJ AM

People Mag's posted tweets from a lot of celebs on DJ AM's death.

Warren G x Travis Barker x DJ AM LIVE At The Roxy: "Regulators"

DJ Jazzy Jeff x DJ AM

DJ AM at WMC 2009 (Pt. 1)

DJ AM at WMC 2009 (Pt. 2)

Jay-Z x DJ AM

Stretch Armstrong x DJ AM

EDIT TMZ has two new reports: a "crack pipe" were confirmed next to AM's body, with pill bottles found in the kitchen - I put "crack pipe" in quotes, because that's how its being reported; rumor is also that AM might've been devastated by a recent break-up?

The Palms pays tribute to DJ AM.

EDIT Some Saturday updates on AM's death: apparently this is a shot of Rihanna finding out about his passing. Word is Travis and Shanna Moakler, who had been beefing pretty heavy as of late, have chilled in light of AM's death. TMZ also reports that an autopsy is underway, with no word on when results will be made.

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