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Trends The Best Of Trends Mixtape

This tape does exactly what it says on the tin... check out 24 of Trends' best.



1) Day By Day (produced by The Beat Show)
2) I'm Too Awesome (produced by Kajmir Royale)
3) Danger Feat. Joe Thrillz (produced by Steelwaterz)
4) All Y'all (produced by Bonnie Mayfield)
5) I'm A Beast( produced by Kajmir Royale)
6) I Got Rules (produced by Steelwaterz)
7) Wet Dream feat. Sakinah (produced by Steelwaterz)
8) One feat. Signe
9) Cum on the Dance Floor (produced by Steelwaterz)
10) Don't Wanna Text U (produced by Kajmir Royale)
11) Connect (produced by Kajmir Royale)
12) No (produced by Beat Connector)
13) Across the Sky (produced by Brainbug)
14) I've Tried Everything (produced by Sinima)
15) It Aint Simple (produced by Beat Connector)
16) Let Me Be feat. Sakinah (produced by Szmytko)
17) Will You feat. Sakinah (produced by Khalid)
18) Had a lot of Girls (produced by Flawless)
19) Don't you worry
20) Move the Crowd feat. Sakinah (produced by Steelwaterz)
21) I hate niggaz (produced by Arkreatek)
22) The Invisible Man (produced by Sell beats)
23) I Try (produced by Steelwaterz)
24) (Bonus) I'm Just Playing (produced by The Beat Show)


ian said...

They sent this to me too but I'd never heard of this cat before coming out with a 'Best of' mixtape! Who the f-ck is he??

khal said...


Trends. I posted his last mixtape, he's alright. I dunno how long he's been out that he needs a Best Of, but what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Trends has about 13 mixtapes out and has been on the underground scene for a while. He also an actor too and has been on Abc, MTV, and Vh1's I love New York. Dude is nice.