M-Dot ft. Jaysaun "The Real & The Raw"

M-Dot ft. Jaysaun "The Real & The Raw" (prod. by Explizit One): Them EMS boys don't stop, do they? Here's a cut from M-Dot, featuring Special Teamz' Jaysaun, which has been catchin' a lot of burn ever since dropping on HipHopDX, and for good reason. This is the first single from M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime, which is said to be dropping Winter 2009... so you should be comfy in knowing you've got some heat for the cold winter months!

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3 Responses to “M-Dot ft. Jaysaun "The Real & The Raw"”

RyNo said...

Song's pretty serious. I like the lyrics and the scratchin in the hook, beat is crazy

Anonymous said...

Digging this joint. Homeboy stay on his grizzle!

MA to OH said...

This beat is murder. Both artists lace the track with dope lyrics.