T.Shirt & Darvin Silva Tan-Face Children EP

The homey Ian over at Different Kitchen shares a lot of my likes, musically, so when he goes out of his way to hit me up about something, I listen. In reading up on this Tan-Face Children EP from T.Shirt & Darvin Silva, I saw that Ian's down with a new conglomerate, The Connoisseurs of Culture, which is compromised of Different Kitchen, The Couch Sessions and Please Don't Stare. I like their ethos, and already fucked with their individual sites, so them coming together to big up progressive Hip-Hop? I'm down. Hit the jump for a lil' write-up on this project, as well as the download link and tracklist for an EP you need to get into...

"There’s nothing better than making something with your friends. Sometimes, I just gotta forget about the outside world listening in and remember who I really made this for first and foremost. When I’ve rapped for myself in the past I never got the kind of response I wanted.. it’s only when I rap for us.. when I take how I feel, what Darvin goes through, Dred, how Ronin’s felt, my brothers.. I’m just trying to tell our story.. and I’m just trying to get it right.. inspire us. I think J Cole said it best, “my story ain’t the only one I’m trying to tell” - that shit just rang so true to me. We are the tan-face children. We are the pioneers. Maybe you have to know all of us to understand.. maybe it gives you a familiar feeling."

DOWNLOAD T.Shirt & Darvin Silva Tan-Face Children EP


01. Pioneers! O Pioneers!
02. (Written Somewhere In Miami)
03. Monday Massacre
04. 24 Frames (Movie Night)
05. Recommendation
06. Starry-Eyed
07. Allure (Must Have Been Love)
08. Outro Music

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One Response to “T.Shirt & Darvin Silva Tan-Face Children EP”

Ivan said...

This EP is real good. I've been bumping it in mr car all day! The sounds and flows are sick. I sent this link to my friends in Germany and all his friends got it now. Props to T.Shirt and Darvin Silva.