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DaVinci "Gettin' Money In My Sleep"

DaVinci "Gettin' Money In My Sleep" (prod. by Big D): Every year on March 31st, I drop a compilation for free as a way to say "thanks". If you don't know, March 31st is the birthday of this here blog, rockthedub.com, and for all of the support I've gotten from readers, labels, promo teams and friends, I have to do a lil' something to give back. When I get dope exclusives like these two from the SWTBRDS collective, I do nothing but appreciate the position I'm in. DaVinci tows that line between the street and the mind, so of course he gets luchini while his mind's racing, subconsciously. Enjoy these two leaks from The Four Horsemen, my RTD four-year anniversary gift. It features tracks that have dropped on recent projects from the likes of DJ Ambush and Curly Castro, as well as Loose Screwz. Other artists featured on this comp include Deal - The Villain, Rob Jay, Ryen David, Streets Buchanon, Hans Beck, Radius, Muja Messiah, Mayhem and more, including The KhemLab (more on that in the future).

Maybe my boss won't trip if I take a catnap in my cubicle - I'll be more than likely making HIM money! Let's try that now...

Bonus Beats StreetMedia "No. 2 Pencil" (prod. by Ammbush)

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