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Loose Screwz ft. SAV "L.A. Times (S.T.L.A.)"

Loose Screwz ft. SAV "L.A. Times (S.T.L.A.)": I spent my first and only time in Los Angeles last summer; I was literally there for a total of two days, and it affected me. I missed home, but I loved being out there. Listening to this Loose Screwz leak, it takes me back to that way of life, especially In-N-Out Burger. MAN, I crave one of those. ANYWAYS, this is a bonus cut from his forthcoming mixtape, Satellites, which RTD is sponsoring and Rip City is hosting. If you're up with Screwz' previous shit ("BOOM!") or the Scriptz N Screwz catalog, you need to get involved.

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BaxWraps said...

This is sick but how come it is not featured on the "Satellites" physical copy? They only have it on youtube