Vixion "Money In The Bank"

Vixion "Money In The Bank": Damn. It's good to hear a female who can spit with the best of them, pussy or dick, in the game. Vixion reps that Philly Hip-Hop scene, and has some nasty flow. The first time I heard anything she did was on this cut with Nico The Beast, so it's good to hear her stand solo and kill shit. Her mixtape, Project V.I.X., drops on April 3rd, and there's a mixtape release party at The Khyber in Philly (2nd and Chestnut) on the same day, which will featured Nico and the homey Kane (more info on him soon), so no excuses. Getcha asses out there for some quality Hip-Hop, yadig?

Bonus Beats Vixion "This Is How She Do"

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